Love 24 X 7

Love 24 X 7

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Tuesday 21 July 2015

Movie Title

Love 24 X 7


Sreebala K Menon

Star Cast

Dileep, Nikhila Vimal

Debutante director Sreebala K Menon’s Love 24 X 7 is about two love stories involving a young couple working in a TV channel and an older couple, who are rekindling their lost love.

Roopesh Nambiar (Dileep) is a hotshot anchor in a news channel named Nalamidam TV. He falls pretty easily for a new trainee journalist called Kabani (Nikhila Vimal), who speaks with the peculiar Thiruvananthapuram accent. Interestingly, her accent is only there in those comedy sequences until she becomes a news presenter.

The other couple is two senior doctors named Sarayu (Suhasini) and Satheesh (Sasikumar), who were in love during their college days. Both have well settled children and are alone now. They fall in love once again.

What was the director trying to convey through her film? Well, that will remain unanswered, as this rather tedious journey goes on and on.

There are a few nice moments here and there for sure but that is all about this film as well. The four characters are waiting to fall in love and curiously, most of them are barely seen working!

Even then, their romance affects the viewers only in a very limited way. The script looks amateurish with half-baked characters, who have relevance only when they are facing the camera.

The dialogues often look contrived and the issues that are being presented as highly serious are barely convincing.

Though his wig looks out of place, Dileep looks genuine and he comes up with a dedicated performance. Nikhila Vimal makes a limited impression. Suhasini repeats her trademark mannerisms, while Sasikumar’s dialogue delivery, shades and songs make you cringe.

Love 24 X 7 is based on a promising concept for sure, but the problem is how it has been narrated. At best, it’s a lost opportunity. Now, decide on your own.

Verdict: Average

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