Love At Times Square

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Critic's Rating: 17/5

Saturday 15 February 2003

Movie Title

Love At Times Square


Dev Anand

Star Cast

Dev Anand, Heenee Kaushik

Navketan International Films`` Love At Times Square is a very ordinary romantic fare. Sweety (Heenee Kaushik) is the daughter of a rich NRI (Dev Anand) who patronises music and social causes with the same zeal. Sweety meets two young men at a musical concert organised by her father at New York?s famous Times Square. One of them is Raj (Shoeb Khan), a computer engineer who works in the Silicon Valley, while the other is Bobby (Chaitanya Chaudhry), an Indian immigrant who is looking to make a good future in the US. Soon, a love triangle develops, in which both, Raj and Bobby, fall in love with Sweety. The girl is stumped, She cannot make a choice. Sweety?s dilemma continues right until the climax in which Bobby risks his life to thwart a dreaded don from kidnapping her for a ransom. Sweety and Bobby unite, while Raj is left to weep alone. The story begins and ends at Times Square.

Although a romantic drama, the love triangle fails to bond. This is because the love is one-sided for each of the two male protagonists. Besides, one feels no sympathy for Sweety?s prolonged dilemma over who to choose. Yet, when the dilemma is finally resolved, one does feel a sense of relief - but that is only because one is assured that the drama will soon come to an end.

Screenplay is one of utter convenience. Scenes just follow one another in a routine fashion - often, without any logic. The entire kidnapping drama is totally contrived and leaves the film with a miserably weak climax. Among the very few effective scenes in the film are Sweety?s father informing her of her mother?s death and Raj breaking into tears in the climax when Sweety accepts Bobby?s ring. Dialogues are ordinary and, in the case of Sweety?s father, have the sermonising effect as well.

Dev Anand does an average job as Sweety?s father, getting carried away, at times, while making statements about Indo-American amity and terrorism. Heenee Kaushik is quite good. Shoeb Khan is passable. Chaitanya Chaudhry makes a fair debut. Newfinds Siya Rana and Niti Agarwal lend fairly good support. Salman Khan and Rishi Kapoor have nothing worthwhile to do in special appearances. Vikram Gokhale, Ashish Vidyarthi, Satish Shah, Harish Patel, Tom Alter, Ketki Dave and others merely prop up the cast.

As writer and director, Dev Anand fails to make the film even remotely entertaining for today?s audience. The shoddy work in scripting apart, even his handling of the subject leaves a world to be desired. Neither of the music composers - Lucky Ali, Adnan Sami, Aadesh Shrivastava and Rajesh Roshan - has been able to come up with a single good tune. The qawwali, perhaps, remains the only decent number. David Tumblety and Chaman K. Baju?s cinematography is fair. Other technical aspects are okay.

On the whole, Love At Times Square is a waste of time and money. With its scant face value, it will remain a non-starter and won?t see good times at the cinemas at all.

Komal Nahta

India Syndicate

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