Love review: An engaging thriller

A thriller with some nail biting moments in between

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Critic's Rating: 3.5/5

Friday 05 February 2021

Movie Title

Love review: An engaging thriller


Khalid Rahman

Star Cast

Shine Tom Chacko, Rajisha Vijayan

Khalid Rahman, who directed the two well appreciated movies Anuraga Karikkinvellam and Unda, continues his excellent form with his latest offering, Love.

This is a thriller with some nail biting moments in between and if you are the kind who wants to enjoy such a movie without knowing any details about the plot, well, let us warn you that there could be spoilers ahead.

The story begins with Deepthi (Rajisha Vijayan) learning from the doctor that she is pregnant. She and her husband Anoop (Shine Tom Chacko), who is at that time playing video games and busy drinking back in their apartment, is evidently going through a rough patch in their married life.

It’s more of a mind game from then on with some curious characters, certain intriguing incidents, twists and more twists. There are some interesting characters, especially the one played by a terrific Gokulan, who believes that his partner deceived him in business and is now having an affair with his wife.

Then there is Sudhy Koppa, Veena Nandakumar and Johny Antony, who become part of the story at various junctures.

Through these characters the director narrates the story in a gripping way. You barely can take your eyes off the screen, as one gets the feeling that every frame gives some clues in solving a puzzle that is happening on screen.

Jimshi Khalid’s visuals, Noufal Abdullah’s editing and music by Yakzan Gary Pereira and Neha S Nair helps in making this an even more appealing experience.

Though the performance of every actor is good, it is Gokulan who steals the show here.

Love is engaging from start to finish, with the pace becoming a bit too hectic towards the end. Try this one!

Verdict: A gripping thriller

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