Lukka Chuppi

Lukka Chuppi



Critic's Rating: 3/5

Sunday 07 June 2015

Movie Title

Lukka Chuppi


Bash Mohammed

Star Cast

Jayasurya, Murali Gopi, Asmita Sood

Director Bash Mohammed’s Lukka Chuppi is about an eventfulreunion of a group of friends, after a fourteen-year-old break. It is modeled onsome of those western dramas without any startling twists or turns, but affectsyou in a fine way. 

It is Raghuram (Jayasurya), who asks hisformer classmate Sidharth (Murali Gopi) to arrange a get together, at his plushholiday home. Sidharth is married to Revathy (Remya Nambeesan) but is yet to forgethis college sweetheart Radhika (Asmita Sood), which evidently makes his wifeinsecure. 

Rafeek (Joju George) is a doctor, who isfinding his life boring with a dominating wife, Suhara (Muthumani) and naggingin-laws. As more friends join them and booze starts flowing non-stop, the partygets going. After a while, Raghu surprises all with his announcement that he isplanning to separate from his wife Annie (Chinnu Kuruvilla), who is alsopresent there. 

An old classmate named Benny Chacko (DineshPrabhakar) and a priest played by Saiju Kurup, joins the gang after some time. 

The get together evokes happy moments,tensions and some shocks. But it has all been narrated in an engaging way. Bijibal’ssuperb music and Resul Pookkutty' sync sound has added to the effect. 

The rather disappointing choice of title(which means 'hide and seek', if you are interested), the never-ending drinkingsessions and hasty climax with a preachy tone can be included among theproblems. 

It’s the performance of the actors that isthe strength of the film. Jayasurya impresses with a matured show, while JojuGeorge is funny and Murali Gopi is so real. Among the women folk, Muthumani andChinnu Kuruvilla are good, while Asmita Sood is clearly a misfit in the group. 

At less than two hours, Lukka Chuppi can be a good entertainer,if you are not there for some heavy-duty drama. It has its moments for sure andcan even remind you of your crushes and escapades from the past. Try this one! 















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