Maa Nanna Chiranjeevi

Maa Nanna Chiranjeevi



Critic's Rating: 3/5

Saturday 02 January 2010

Movie Title

Maa Nanna Chiranjeevi


Arun Prasad

Star Cast

Jagapati Babu, Neelima, Athulith, Brahmanandam, Ali

Maa Naanna Chiranjeevi tries to project a common sentiment factor ? the possessiveness of a father towards his son. The film would better fit into the genre of being called a movie meant for bagging awards based on performance rather than as a commercial flick.

The film involved three prime characters ? a haughty city-bred girl (Neelima) and a simple villager (Jagapathi Babu). Neelima claims to possess a superior outlook and wants to get things done her way. Neelima marries Jagapathi Babu and is confident that she can mould him to dance to her tunes.

She first makes him sell off his lands to invest in stocks. When the stock market touches the ground, the hubby is caught in a jinx. Then, the woman forces him to invest in a software company in Hyderabad.

Though, the hero is not willing to do so his wife resorts to emotional blackmail. The economic recession robs away the potential of the software industry, turning Jagapati Babu a roadside pauper. The wife leaves him. Their son (Athulith) prefers to stay with his dad. How the family gets united later forms the crux of the film after an emotional drama.

It is Jagapathi Babu?s show all the way. He displayed superior emotions as an actor, playing the role of a caring father. His recent digressions into commercial formats were back to his original image as a puller of family crowds.

Neelima?s performance is adequate. Her role as an arrogant wife and uncaring mummy go hand in hand, while the director succeeded in projecting the transformation in her characterization into a reformed wife and mother. Whether she would fit into the commercial angle on a par with the regular heroines has to be waited and seen.

Child artiste Master Atulith repeated his stamina after Brahmanandam, Ali, MS Narayana, Telangana Shakunthala and others played their part in tune with the requirement of the script.

Director Arun Prasad remained honest from the start to finish, projecting the ground realities. The family sentiments too were handled in a careful manner and that they don?t bring boredom on the audience.

Music by Chakri is good with some tunes dedicated to arouse the sentiments that are particular to family life. Over all the film passes off as a decent family entertainer. The director has also not missed the stunts, giving some doses of action for the hero.

If the so-called family crowds, who are now attached to the TV-mania, could patronize this film, chances are there for it to become a decent grosser.

Verdict: A decent family entertainer

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