Maad Dad

Maad Dad


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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Saturday 12 January 2013

Movie Title

Maad Dad


Revathy Varma

Star Cast

Lal, Nazriya

In Revathy Varma's Maad Dad, Lal's character and his cronies keep on repeating that his name is Palachottil Geevarghese Kuriakose Easow. Initially you feel irritated hearing the name again and again, but after a while you just tend to ignore it all. Just like this atrocious film, which surprises you initially but soon after you are forced to come to terms with the kind of ordeal that is awaiting you!

Easow (Lal) has lost his wife in an accident and lives with her memories. His daughter Maria (Nazriya) comes back from abroad and she informs her dad that she is in love with Bonnie (Sreejith Vijay), the son of Soda Mathan (Lalu Alex).

In fact, thinking what the actual story of this absurd film is a tedious process as scenes are just packaged one after the other on to an irritating mess here. Every department, from scripting, direction, performances to even costumes and make up, compete with each other to come up with their worst show.

With a script that could be used to teach wannabe film students on how not to write a film, Revathy Varma tests the patience of the viewer with her flop show. There is no credible storyline and the director seems to have added clich?d scenes, song n dance exercises and melodrama just to add to the film's length. The jokes fail to evoke a laugh, the dialogues make you cringe, the songs gift you a headache and the pathetic acting adds to your woes.

If you have the patience to wait till the end titles to start rolling, all you would wonder would be on how did the makers convince the producer to invest in this silly film!

Now it would be fun to rate who should walk away with the trophy for the worst performance. It could be anyone in the film's cast, from Lal, Nazriya, Janardhanan, Aiswarya, Kovai Sarala, Meghna Raj to Pooja Gandhi or there could be more names to this list.

Maad Dad is a total waste of time, money or energy and is agonizingly boring. You can go on and on about the film's flaws but then, can this sham be called a film in the first place? Let the makers decide that first!

Verdict: Damp Squib

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