Maalgudi Days

Maalgudi Days



Critic's Rating: 3/5

Monday 11 January 2016

Movie Title

Maalgudi Days


Vishakh, Vivek, Vinod

Star Cast

Anoop Menon, Bhama

It would need some special skills for three brothers to come together and make such an absurd film like Maalgudi Days. Then after boring you to death with an amateurish attempt, they try to give it a serious label, claiming the basic plot was inspired from a real life incident. 

Maybe the source was genuine, but the makers didn’t know how to transform the idea into a watchable film!

Everything here is predictable, pretentious and clichéd. That begins when a couple along with their daughter is clicking pictures near the sea. You are waiting for a mishap to happen and you are barely surprised when the guy is swept away by the tides. 

Now, to help the kid recover from the trauma, she is sent by her mother to a school in Idukki, which is said to be very good. But with an irritatingly strict principal, handful of teachers and two funny security guards you keep wondering what is so special about this school?

There, the kid becomes friendly with a classmate and they accidentally meet a fugitive named Zephan (Anoop Menon). This man has a story to tell, where he meets Janet (Bhama), saves her from a suicide attempt (for God knows what reason), marries her and become victims to a Maoist attack.

If you believed the worst stories are made by those TV serial makers, think again. There is competition from the trio who made this one!

Perhaps to make it all look serious and to prolong the proceedings, some songs are added and situations are created without any real purpose. The visuals are pretty ordinary with shoddy production and the music jars big time.

The film’s posters claim some filmmakers praising this one and a veteran director even compared this one to the yesteryear hit, Malootty. They should be made to explain what made them make such comparisons.

Anoop Menon repeats his usual style, which is nothing to rave about. Bhama once again prove that she has no acting bones whatsoever. The less said about the rest of the performances, the better.

It’s a pity that this silly misadventure has been named Maalgudi Days, shamelessly copying the title of R K Narayan’s superb collection of short stories. Watch this one only at your risk!

Verdict: Torture

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