Maara Review: A pleasant watch


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Critic's Rating: 3.5/5

Friday 08 January 2021

Movie Title

Maara Review: A pleasant watch


Dhilip Kumar

Star Cast

Madhavan, Shraddha Srinath, Mouli, Sshivda

Maara is a neat adaptation of the 2015 Malayalam film Charlie. The film's director Dhilip Kumar has replicated the world of Charlie but the film is not a  copy-paste of the original which makes it watchable. 

Maara (Madhavan) is a carefree artist who roams around the world, meet different people, and lives his life on his terms. From an outsider's point of view, Maara is someone who doesn't have any purpose in life but he magically transforms the lives of people around him and cares for his Godfather Vellaiyan (Mouli, who is brilliant). 

Paro (Shraddha Srinath) who is into building restoration escapes from her family to avoid the marriage proposal and accidentally stays in the house of Maara. Smitten by his art, adventure, and good deeds, Paro goes in search of him. In the climax, we get to know how the journey of Paro not only gives her a new meaning for her life but also fulfills the five-decade pure love!

Maara is a cakewalk for Madhavan and he completely justifies the role given to him. Compared to the original, Dhilip has made enough changes to suit Maddy's age. Shraddha has also neatly portrayed her role. The big plus of the film is that both these actors didn't try to copy the mannerisms of Dulquer and Parvathy. Instead, they owned their roles and delivered original performance. 

Mouli has once again proved that he is a seasoned actor. The subtle emotional stretch between Mouli and Padmavati Rao will melt your heart, it could be one of the main reasons to watch Maara although you had seen the original. Sshivda comes in a brief role and shines in the limited screen space given.

Technically, Maara is a fabulous product. Ghibran's music is a class apart and enhances emotions whenever needed. Dinesh Krishnan' is another hero of the film and the visuals look rich even on the small screen.

Overall, yes, there are a few drawbacks including the slow-paced first half in Maara but it's still one of the well-made remakes/adaptations in recent times.

Verdict: Good watch




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