Maathi Yosi does not have a coherent script, logic and lacks focus

Maathi Yosi does not have a coherent script, logic and lacks focus


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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Saturday 13 March 2010

Movie Title

Maathi Yosi does not have a coherent script, logic and lacks focus


Nanda Periyasami

Star Cast

Harish, Alex, Gopal, Lokesh, Shammu, Ponvannan

Tamil film directors after Subramaniapuram has made Madurai and its surrounding villages, the killing fields of Tamil Nadu. Film after film has explored the appetite for young men to turn into rowdies and murderers. Nanda Periyasami after making a soft campus romance has now taken the Madurai route with his Maathi Yosi.

The story opens in a village near Madurai where four young men Pandi (Harish), Manga(Alex), Onan (Gopal) and Mari(Lokesh) from the lower caste bond together. They tattoo their favorite actors on their back, while one among them tattoos the name of the daughter of the upper caste village head with whom he has a ?one sided love?! Soon they rub the upper caste village panchyat president and his family the wrong way which results in a caste feud. The local police chief who tries to trap them is humiliated and fearing his wrath the boys take a lorry ride to Chennai.

In Chennai they are forced to take the mean street for their own survival and in mix-up discover the power that flows through the barrel of a gun. Meanwhile they also meet a highly educated girl called ?Baby? (Shammu) by her uncle a pimp(Ravi Maria) who is trying to sell her off to a wealthy guy. The friends not only save her and soon she becomes a part of the gang. However nemesis soon catches up with them leading to a bloody climax.

The film does not have a coherent script, logic and lacks focus. It is another ?Made in Madurai? bloodbath that?s etched from various earlier movies and a bit from Fernando Meirelles?s classic ?City of God?. The violence and coarse language in the film may be a bit tough on some viewers, and others may have trouble rooting for four murderers still in their youth for whom end strictly justifies the means.

Some of the scenes are crude and disgusting like a modern city woman shown lusting after one of the guys and wanting to make him a gigolo! The character of Shammu has not been well etched and not justified or explained why she prefers to move around with the gang. Another girl who is kidnapped by the gang attaining puberty during the operations is far fetched. The motives of Ponvannan?s as a cop is almost similar to Pratap Pothen?s politician character in last week?s Madurai Special Veerasekharan!

The climax is unbelievable and stretched for 20 minutes, editor Kola Bhaskar must have been sleeping. The music and background score of Guru Kalyan, with songs thrust into the narration is terrible. The first half the village part is far more interesting than the city life of the second half. Wanna hear more; see more ? Nah!

Verdict- Disappointing

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