Maayavan review - Sci-fi crime thriller

The film starts as a crime thriller but slowly, the director introduces an interesting science-fiction angle

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Thursday 14 December 2017

Movie Title

Maayavan review - Sci-fi crime thriller


CV Kumar

Star Cast

Sundeep Kishan, Lavanya, Daniel Balaji, Jackie Shroff

CV Kumar’s debut directorial film Maayavan is an ingenious sci-fi crime thriller. The film begins in 2037 with a bed-ridden old man and an Ilaiyaraaja’s song plays in the backdrop. Cut to the present, a crime inspector Kumaran (Sundeep Kishan) chases a petty criminal but it leads him to a cold-blooded murderer(Dheena). Shocked on seeing the brutal crime, Kumaran is shocked and while hunting for the criminal, he gets severely injured.

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In order to return back to the department, Kumaran undergoes a psychological checkup only to learn about his mental trauma. Later, Kumaran and his team witness series of crime incidents similar to the first murder. In each and every crime scene, Kumaran sees a black cigarette bud, blood shades on the wall and the murders are gory. The rest of the film reveals the secret of this mysterious murderer (Maayavan).

Maayavan’s biggest strength is its solid writing (story by CV Kumar, screenplay and dialogues by Nalan Kumarasamy). The film starts as a crime thriller but slowly, the director introduces an interesting science-fiction angle. The first half of Maayavan moves at a leisure pace only to establish the prominent characters and basic conflicts. After the intermission, things get accelerated and move like a tracer bullet.

Sundeep Kishan perfectly suits the role of an angry young cop, it’s a physically demanding role and the actor has given everything for it. After Sundeep, it’s Daniel Balaji who attracts us with his versatile performance but we feel that a better actor in place of Jackie Shroff would have worked better. Lavanya Tripathi has an important role in the film but she doesn’t have much screen space. The rest of actors including Bhagavathy Perumal, Jayaprakash, and Mime Gopi have given their best.

While the writing is good in parts, the content might be complex for a majority of audiences, who prefer watching films only for regular entertainment. Unlike CV Kumar’s previous films, Maayavan looks grand, especially the production values including the multiple lab sets. 2017 seems to a dream year for Ghibran, the composer has given an impressive background score for the film. Gopi Amarnath’s stellar visuals and the racy cuts of Leo John Paul are additional attractions.

Overall, Maayavan is a well executed sci-fi thriller.

Maayavan review- Verdict: Ingenious sci-fi crime thriller

Reactions from Social Media:
Surendhar MK @SurendharMK

#Maayavan is an intriguing slow-burn crime investigative thriller with a fascinating sci-fi spin. @sundeepkishan packs a punch as Crime Inspector Kumaran in a physically demanding role. Good directorial debut for @icvkumar.

ramnath shankar‏ @ramnathjourno
#Maayavan -, a fabulous sci-fi thriller.Jackie Shroff’s performance, @sundeepkishan's performance as a Cop was terrific.As usual the bgm of @GhibranOfficial elevated the movie to a new Level ! @Itslavanya too has performed her role aptly Good debut for @icvkumar 3/5! @CineTimee

Santhosh Narayanan @Music_Santhosh
Had a chance to watch the movie and loved it ! Congrats to my director and mentor @icvkumar and team. Wish you guys a blockbuster success :)

Kaushik LM @LMKMovieManiac
#Maayavan - 3.5/5
-after Maanagaram, another Tamil film which @sundeepkishan can feel happy about.
-liked the stylish way in which @DanielBalaje played his part.
-@icvkumar proves his eye for good content yet again, this time as a director.
#MaayavanFromTomorrow #MaayavanMystery

Rinku Gupta‏ @RinkuGupta2012
.@icvkumar Handles sci fi crime thriller #Maayavan adeptly, aided by a stellar cast. @sundeepkishan top notch as cop. kudos fr showcasing a heroine as a professional ! @Itslavanya scores convincingly @bindasbhidu presence adds tofilm . Watch out fr info at end credits.

Ramesh Bala @rameshlaus
#Maayavan [3.25/5]: A solid sci-fi murder mystery thriller.. @icvkumar makes a fantastic directorial debut.. Very physically challenging role for @sundeepkishan He aces it.. @Itslavanya not the typical heroine role.. She has done well.. @GhibranOfficial 's BGM Go for it..

Christopher Kanagaraj‏ @Chrissuccess
#Maayavan - Gud one. Film has got a gripping screenplay, credits to writer Nalan Kumarsamy. 2 hrs duration is perfect. Gud perf from Supporting cast - Daniel B, Bagavathi P, Jackie S. Sundeep could hv done btr. Apt music. Welcoming debut for CV Kumar. An Engaging crime thriller!

S‏ @S_TweetZ
Watching #Maayavan in vidhyaTheatre tambaram Interesting screen play so far. Beautiful doctor u r @Itslavanya

MaheshS_Wali‏ @MaheshS_Wali
#Maayavan - A completely different attempt by director @icvkumar in a thriller http://genre.You might observe minor glitches here & there but a fresh story, good execution makes this movie an interesting watch till the end. 3 thumps up to @icvkumar , @sundeepkishan & co.

TamiltvchannelExpr‏ @TamilTvChanExp
#Maayavan due to its packed 2nd half, 3.5/5..
High concept medical scifi crime thriller. @sundeepkishan does well as the young cop who springs back to action. @GhibranOfficial BGM works big time. Strong debut by director @icvkumar
#MaayavanFromTomorrow #MaayavanMystery

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