Made in USA

Made in USA


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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Wednesday 11 May 2005

Movie Title

Made in USA


Rajeev Anchal

Star Cast

Madhavan, Sreenivasan, Kaveri

Madhavan?s first film in Malayalam Made in USA directed by Rajeev Anchal is a gutsy and clean film. It is well-crafted and is about a man who is obsessed to commit suicide. The trauma and fears of the protagonist has been well brought out by the director but the film would have been racy if the long drawn out flashback scenes been trimmed down a bit.

Roby (Madhavan) is a happy-go-lucky young man living in Las Vegas with two friends Johnny and a professor (Madhupal and Innocent). Roby is an orphan who reached US with a help of a priest (Babu Kalasala). He is loved by all as he is sincere and helpful to all fellow Malayalees who are in trouble. Roby works as a bar-man in a casino and helps illegal immigrants from Kerala financially and to be one step ahead of the law.

Roby accidentally gets sucked up in an incident whereby he loses his friend?s money on the day of his departure to India. Due to immense feel of guilt and frustration, Roby commits suicide but is saved by his friends on time. His suicide syndrome is being treated by a psychiatrist Dr Mathew (Sreenivasan) at a city hospital. Two women comes into Robby?s life at the hospital - they are a Malayalee nurse (Kaveri) who reminds him so much about his childhood sweetheart and the countryside that he grew up in Kerala.

The other girl is a US born Malayalee girl (Neha) who is also admitted in the same hospital after she tries to commit suicide! All this leads to further complications as Roby is determined to commit suicide. The twist in the story is when his doctor takes a new bold step for his treatment that leads to a stunning climax.

Maddy is first class with a natural and subdued performance. His mannerisms and body language is a treat to watch especially his romantic interludes, his restraint in the hospital scenes and his poignant performance in the climax. Shorn of any artiface or nervous energy his anguish and anxiety comes out as the suicide prone patient waiting on deathbed. Innocent provides some good humour while sreenivasan and Madhupal are good. The new girl Neha makes a promising debut while Kaveri shows total disinterest in the proceedings.

On the downside the film is dragging in the second half and the on-screen chemistry between Maddy and Kaveri is missing. Songs by Vidyasagar is nothing great to rave about but Ouseppachan background saves the film. The innovative way of showing the childhood of Kaveri by using an old clipping of the actress that was shot when she was hardly four-years-old is commendable!

Verdict- Watchable

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