Madhavan: Silence was supposed to be a film without dialogues

Source :SIFY
Last Updated: Tue, Sep 29th, 2020, 12:10:00hrs

Interacting with the media through the video conference, Madhavan said: "Silence was supposed to be a film without dialogues like Kamal Haasan sir's Pushpak but later we thought that as the script has a thriller angle and whodunit angle, a silent film would be more confusing and hence, we added minimal dialogues".

"I play an international player Cello player in the film. Though I can't play the instrument, made justice to my character by mimicking. In the film, my character is psychologically affected because my wife cheated on me whereas Anushka plays a mute artist. How these two artists join hands to unveil a mystery forms the crux of the story", he added.

Talking about premiering films on OTT platforms, Madhavan said: "Theaters will not die. I'm sure films that are catered for the theater audience will be made. But the advent of OTT platforms has created a path for filmmakers to pursue many genres and scripts. For example, the content of Breathe is not suitable for theater but with the help of Amazon Prime, the series got a big reach".

Talking about teaming up with Anushka Shetty again after Rendu, Madhavan said: "During Rendu, I saw Anushka only as a tall gorgeous lady. Even now, she is a charming lady but Anushka has become more professional now, she wants each and everything to be right on the sets".

Narrating an incident from the sets, Madhavan said: "We had to travel on a flight to Seattle. Anushka doesn't like flying so she almost scratched my hand and left marks during the travel".

After the lockdown, Madhavan said that he wants to make a fun film like Indiana Jones. "Though we started watching serious films and murder mysteries during the initial days of lockdown, now we have started watching fun light-hearted films like Michael Madhana Kama Rajan. Guess I would like to do fun films in the coming days".

Talking about Rocketry: The Nambi Effect, Madhavan said: "I don't know whether I've become a complete filmmaker but I've executed what I had on mind. The research work has helped me".

"We have familiar faces in the film because established actors save the character establishment time", said the actor explaining the ensemble stars in Silence.

After Silence, Madhavan's Maara is also all set to be premiered on Amazon Prime.