Madhayaanai Koottam

Madhayaanai Koottam



Critic's Rating: 3/5

Thursday 26 December 2013

Movie Title

Madhayaanai Koottam


Vikram Sugumaran

Star Cast

Kathir, Oviya, Viji, Vela Ramamurthy

Debutant director Vikram Sugumaran?s Madhayaanai Kootam is another saga of revenge and counter-revenge set in Theni, which is gripping in parts. It is all about feud within two warring family which reaches its flashpoint in a bloody climax that is annoying and leaves you exhausted (film carries a U certificate)

The making is decent with good camerawork and suspense building BGM. But the narration is long winded with repetitive scenes of detailed ceremonies followed in south Tamilnadu after death. The spectre of death looms large throughout the film, as the rituals connected with it are played out and beyond a point it becomes tedious and feels like you are watching a documentary on rituals of death.

The plot revolves around Parthi (Kathir) son of a local bigwig Jayakodi Thevar(Murugan) in a village, through his second wife Ammu (Prema) whom he lives with, but not legally married. The first wife Sevanamma (Viji Chandrasekar) is a shrewd cunning lady who has the full support of her brother Veerathevar (Vela Ramamurthy) and other relatives. One day the old man passes away, and tension between the feuding family members reach a flashpoint.

The cast has a bunch of newcomers including hero Kathir, and all of them have done a good job. The guy who plays Kathir?s step brother and the blood-seeking uncle are very well etched out. Viji Chandrasekhar as the first wife is superb especially in the traumatic climax scenes. Oviya as Ritu has nothing much to do in a minor romantic role.

The music of NR Raghunathan and the camera of Rahul Dharuman are the highlights. Rahul has used maximum natural light in all the shots and the romantic track is well-picturised. The climax is too mass in otherwise realistic film.

On the whole Vikram Sugumaran has made a decent first film, but not a classic by any yardstick. He is a good writer but needs to hone up his skills as a director who can make a commercial film.

Verdict - Average

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