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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Saturday 04 August 2012

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Kamal Kannan

Star Cast

NT Rajkumar,Karthi Vel, Arvind Annamalai

A lot of expectation was centred on the film with a name like Madhubaandakadai. The titled aroused curiosity and one couldn?t help wonder what the director would portray differently.

After all, almost every film these days has a wine shop or drinking scene in it, with even songs centering on the plight of drunkards and their woes. So when an entire film is dedicated to the theme, one can?t but help wondering how it?s going to be presented

The film is as the title suggests, centers around the happenings in a wine shop and its adjacent bar. The story is a narration of one day?s happenings typical in a place like this. A motley of characters come and go, right from school students on their first drinking spree, young professionals, students celebrating a birthday, a jobless worker, a rag picker and even transgender.

The director even manages to weave in a clandestine love affair between the owner?s daughter and one employee, with a stolen kiss or two thrown in. There seems to be an underlying message here and there, when the characters take pot shots at socio-economic issues, all the while pointing out why they drink. A few poignant moments do touch the viewer at these times.

The music is suitable to the setting of the film and every actor has done his bit aptly. The humour is inherent in the dialogues and situations and is sure to bring in claps here and there. The interest levels are kept high all through as various different characters come and go.

But when the setting is a rundown wine shop and its surroundings, there is only so much you can take without the monotony getting to you. So some of the lengthy dialogues lead to a lag while seeing the same characters doing nothing much except look drunk and dazed and walk in and out ultimately may take a toll on the viewer.

Verdict : Below Average

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