Magane En Marumagane

Magane En Marumagane


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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 21 May 2010

Movie Title

Magane En Marumagane


TP Gajendran

Star Cast

Vivek, Yamini Sharma, Nassar, Saranya

Comedy King Vivek?s first film as hero Magane En Marumagane, is not a fun movie. It is pure mush and melodrama, and looks like director TP Gajendran has etched the story from the 60?s and 70?s family glycerine tearjerkers.

The story has been told a thousand times and there is not even an iota of originality in the plot or presentation. Modern day audiences just cannot relate to the going on?s in this moribund film.

Nasser the ?Jameendar? of a village on the foothills of Palani temple is living happily with his wife (Saranya). The couple is liberal and spent all their money on the villagers. Enter Singapetti Sringaram (Vivek) a con and a good-for-nothing guy and his Paati (Parvai Muniamma).

Sringaram cons the Jameendar and marries his daughter Ponnarasi (Yamini Sharma), who?s brother Reghu (Mithun) an IT professional and a city slicker is fiercely opposed to it. Singaram is framed up in a murder case and is forced to leave the village. He comes to Chennai and turns a new leaf and overnight becomes a real estate tycoon.

Meanwhile Reghu the bad brother urged by his evil uncle (Livingstone) ditches his father and mother who are left penniless on the street. How Singaram brings the family together is what the rest of the film is all about.

There is so much melodrama in the film that leaves you exasperated including a steamy sentimental organ donation by the mother for her son who neglected her, in the climax. Another heroine Thenmozhi who plays a servant girl like Cinderella falling in love with Reghu! All these were staple diet for melodramas of the early ages. Today even Tamil serials do not have such outdated formula stories.

Vivek tends to ham and in song sequences he tries to imitate Tamil superstars. There is plenty of toilet jokes and crude gags. The others in the cast like Nassar, Saranya, Livingstone do their jobs and disappear. The heroines Yamini and Thenmozhi have nothing much to do. Dhina remixes old numbers.

On the whole the film lacks style and making which you would associate with modern day Kollywood filmmakers, as it is warped in time.

Verdict- Forget it!

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