Magic Magic

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Critic's Rating: 17/5

Saturday 5 April 2003

Movie Title

Magic Magic



Star Cast

Suraj Balajee, S.P.Balasubramoniam, Trilok

By Moviebuzz

Navodaya?s much hyped 3D film Magic Magic fails to create any magic with the audience at the Satyam Cineplex in Chennai, where it had its solo release. The 3D venture is technically tacky, made in a shoddy manner and lacks a basic storyline that will not gel with today?s children. The most irksome part of the film is its lack of continuity and Tamil dubbing which does not synchronise with the lip sink of the characters. And wearing the special 3D glasses throughout the 105 minutes long film leaves the viewer exhausted!

Flashback - My Dear Kuttichattan and its revised Hindi version Chota Chetan, was India?s first 3D film from Navodaya with a basic story that was convincing and appealing as the film gave everyone, young and old, a feel-good time. In fact kids had gone crazy seeing the 3D special effects, which were so realistic and innovative. The children had to wait for the 3D effects that were thrown in at regular intervals and the duration of the film was only 90 minutes.

Magic Magic cannot be watched without the 3D glasses even for a minute, as the entire film is on 3D right from the title card to the end. The Navodaya team led by director Jose has gone berserk on the 3D effects as hundreds of objects like a rose, lamp, arrow, marbles and fire is thrown at the audience every minute. Soon this becomes irritating and predictable, as the director has no story to tell. The entire film seems to be strung together with various feats of 3D special effects and gimmicks.

Story - It is sad that the Navodaya team did not have a proper story even after 20 years of research! The plot here is unrelentingly silly and the dialogues so inane. A great Magician Acharya (S.P.Balasubramanian) and his grandson Indrajeet (Suraj Balajee) live happily in a palatial (plastic) house. The loving grandfather teaches him all the magic but does not sent him to school for basic education. Suddenly the boy?s father (Trilok) who runs a successful Tamil channel in America lands up to take away his son for education. The boy refuses to leave his grandfather but is (packed in a carton) and sent by magic to New York!!

The boy wakes up in another house (plastic) where he finds a Tamil speaking Englishwoman waking him up. He meets his stepmother but soon he runs away from home and befriends three run-aways and a wonder dog who belongs to Boss and Lude, two funny petty thieves. Meanwhile Acharya comes to New York in search of his grandson who gets kidnapped by the bumbling idiots and in the climax he, along with the dog, saves Indrajeet using all the 3D effects in the world!

All the characters, both American and Indian, speak Chennai Tamil. The comedy is forced and corny. In a poorly etched role Suraj Balajee looks bewildered and wasted. The gifted singer and actor S.P.Balasubramanian looks pathetic, as he hams in his magician?s outfit throughout the film. If only Jose and his team could have got proper actors to do the roles of the American artists in the film? Some of the scenes in the end are clear lifts of Home Alone and Baby?s Day Out done in shoddy 3D. The 3D scenes look cartoonish and unconvincing and the production values are not worth mentioning. For adults it is an ordeal to sit through and for kids (strictly below 10) it could have been a whole lot more enjoyable- if the script, 3D technical effects and direction had been better.

Verdict: Kids` Stuff

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