In case you are an ardent follower of Malashree's previous movies, then Mahakali has nothing new for you



Critic's Rating: 3/5

Saturday 25 April 2015

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Malashree, Srinivas Murthy, Mico Nagraj

A society with too many corrupt politicians and police, men who harass women; and just when the viewers are made to believe that this is an absolute hell and no one can survive here- entry hero (we mean heroine) Malashree aka Mahakali, who bashes everyone whenever she finds something is wrong!

She is present everywhere! Whenever or wherever there is injustice, Malashree is there to provide justice to them! She is generous, kind and also uncouth to men who mess with women. 

Malashree is a member of Karnataka Mahila Rakshana Vedike, which strives for the welfare of women. She just can't stand injustice and one fine day Malashree realises that she cannot help people by just being a member of the organisation and literally prepares herself to 'fight' for them and rigorously follows it throughout the film. Also, there is a parallel love track in the film, which takes a different dimension in the second half of the film.

Rest of the movie is all about how Malashree bashes the corrupt men! One main villain is killed in the climax and a happy ending with a caption that she comes like a phoenix wherever there is injustice! The biggest irony is that the film which is all about ‘women empowerment and equality to women’ also has an item number!

Raju Talikote's double meaning jokes are the only comic relief in the film, which too may not be liked by all!

S Mahendar, who is back to direction after a couple of years, has taken up a different genre from what he was doing for years. Well-known for his tragic love stories, Mahendar has tried to give his best in action-flick Mahakali.

Mahendar and Malashree had earlier worked together in Ganga Jamuna, decades ago and this is a different experience for both of them. Emil’s music is just okay and the song 'Devi devi' reminds one of a song from Maalshree's earlier movie Durgi!

There is nothing special about the story line. In case if you are an adherent follower of her previous movies like Durgi, Chamundi, Shakthi there is nothing new Mahakali will offer you!

Verdict: Average

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