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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Wednesday 07 December 2005

Movie Title



V Samudra

Star Cast

Sri Hari, Sumanth, Anushka, Suman, Kota Srinivasa Rao, Vijaya Ramaraju, AVS, Kovai Sarala

V.Samudra?s Mahanandi is on friendship, bonding and action starts promisingly with a racy first half but goes awry and the tempo slackens post interval. Still the performance by male lead Sri Hari and Sumanth keeps you engrossed in the proceedings.

Samudra has been heavily inspired by writer-director A.R.Murugadoss?s debut film in Tamil Dheena about two Chennai gangsters which he has changed to Rayalseema background and mixed it with some recent faction killings with political overtones.

The basic theme of the film is friendship which due to some misunderstanding turns into a conflict between two buddies. Swamy (Sri Hari) is forced to leave home in Rayalseema area after his parents are brutally murdered in a faction fight.

Shankar (Sumanth) is an orphan who grows up under Swamy and Nandini (Anoushka) Swamy?s sister has a soft-corner for him. Meanwhile Bhaskar another faction leader has sworn revenge on Swamy for killing some of his men. Misunderstanding crops up between the friends over a letter written by Nandini to Swamy that she is in love with Shankar on the eve of her marriage which leads to the twist in the story. Now Swamy is baying for Shankar?s blood as Bhaskar tries to capitalise on it.

It is an out and out Sri Hari show though Sumanth has equal footage. The chemistry between them is the highlight and there is lot of mass dialogues (a bit lengthy) having the right effect. There are too many fights choreographed by Kanal Kannan especially in the second half. Anushka looks ravishing thanks to Vasu?s camera which is a major plus for the film. On the whole, this mass film is well packaged.

Verdict: Paisa Vasool

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