Mailanji Monjulla Veedu

Mailanji Monjulla Veedu



Critic's Rating: 3/5

Monday 01 December 2014

Movie Title

Mailanji Monjulla Veedu


Benny Thomas

Star Cast

Jayaram, Asif Ali, Kaniha, Meera Nandan

There is a certain pattern religiously followed by scenarist duo of Siby K Thomas and Udayakrishna in their films. The stories are rehashed versions of big canvas family dramas usually seen in Telugu, with clich?s in plenty.

There will be a comedy track and there won?t be much scope for logic. It will necessarily be never ending sagas with colourful dance sequences and dramatic twists happening at regular intervals.

And though everyone would prefer to ridicule them, the duo?s loud, colourful flicks mostly end up raking in the moolah.

Director Benny Thomas?s Mylanji Monjulla Veedu has nothing new. There have been several films in the past from Udayapuram Sulthan, Mangalam Veettil Manaseswari Gupta to Malappuram Haji Mahanaya Joji that handled similar themes. To cut the story short, if brainless entertainment is all what you look forward at the cinemas, this one could entertain you to a certain extent.

It all happens on the day before the marriage of Wahida (Kaniha). That night she elopes with an Ayurveda doctor named Madhavankutty (Jayaram), with the help of her relative named Anwar (Asif Ali). Lots of confusions happen and an innocent guy is killed in the process.

Seven years later, Madhavankutty is coming back at the household, as Mammootty, without anyone knowing about his original whereabouts.

At just below three hours, this one never seems to end, though there are some fine moments in between. With some trimming, it perhaps had the potential of becoming a decent entertainer.

Jayaram repeats his trademark style yet again, like he has been doing always. Kaniha, Asif Ali and Meera Nandan who plays his love interest, are fine. With his good comic timing, Baburaj manages to come up with a good show.

Mylanji Monjulla Veedu offers no surprises and is a potpourri of the usual masala that films of this genre usually showcase. Decide on your own now.

Verdict: Masala Entertainer

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