Maine Dil Tujhko Diya

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Critic's Rating: 17/5

Friday 23 August 2002

Movie Title

Maine Dil Tujhko Diya


Sohail Khan

Star Cast

Sohail Khan, Sameera Reddy , Sanjay Dutt

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Rating : *

Newcomer Sohail Khan?s Maine Dil Tujhko Diya is a mundane rehash of numerous old movies with the central theme of the story being based around two lovers facing family opposition. The film, written and directed by Sohail Khan, also has the former director playing the main lead. With all the controversy surrounding the Khan household on the eve of this film, the three brothers, Salman, Arbaaz and Sohail, are hoping for the best and keeping their fingers crossed.

The story is very mediocre without anything new to offer. Ajay (Sohail Khan) meets Ayesha (Sameera Reddy) on her first day of college and immediately there is coochie-cooing between them. But her mult-imillionaire father Mr. Verma (Kabir Bedi) is a tycoon who is very protective of his daughter. When he learns about their romance from his business associate Chopra (Dalip Tahil), he is livid as Chopra gives him a negative picture of the boy. Chopra, who wants Ayesha to marry his son, also hires Bhaijaan (Sanjay Dutt) to rough Ajay up so that the boy keeps away from Ayesha. In the bargain, Bhaijaan gets mistakenly hit by Ajay but due to the commencement of Ramzan month the next day, he is unable to get back. He waits for the month to end before he makes any move but behind his back Chopra instigates his greedy henchmen Chotte (Sarfaraz Khan) and Munna (Rajpal Yadav) to avenge his humiliation by promising them loads of money. Ajay gets roughed up by these two and is thrown outside the city and since he thinks that Verma is instrumental ingetting him beaten up, he challenges Verma that he will get married to Ayesha in 24 hours. Though Verma is shocked and surprised, he leaves to stone unturned to prevent Ajay from even coming close to his daughter and even decides to get her married within the next 24hours to Chopra``s son.

The weak screenplay of this film written by Sohail himself combined with a boring anddone-to-death storyline is the biggest drawback of MDTD. Technically, it?s a well-made film, with many departments like the music and the action scoring high. Both Amin Gani (action) and Daboo Malik (music) leave a mark in this otherwise predictable love story. Though Sanjay Dutt?s entry is sure to be liked by the masses, the slow pace of the film in parts is a letdown. Certain scenes have been well handled by the director but they aren?t enough to lift the movie. The clich?d narration is also another flaw. Performancewise, the film belongs to Sohail Khan who is cute despite terrible dialogue delivery. Given a better role, he is sure to come out with flying colours. He looks good, dances well and has a great physique. Sameera Reddy needs to loosen up and act normally, as she is stiff. Sanjay Dutt?s role is tailor-made for the macho actor is sure to win him accolades galore.He is very effective. The rest of the cast is average. Overall MDTD would have been a better film had the story been a bit more interesting. But the effective promos are sure to get the film an average opening, which is good considering the film has nothing new to offer. Most of the viewers will have a heavy head after watching this action non-thriller!

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