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Tuesday 1 November 2005

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Vikram, Asin, Pasupathy, Manivannan

Majaa magic? Not quite? it was supposed to be a breezy entertainer but something seems to be missing! The major flaw of Majaa is its wafer-thin story and screenplay, a mediocre subject to be remade from Malayalam. Shafi, who had done the original debuts in Tamil with dialogues by Viji and the film gives you a dreary sense of d?j? vu, a feeling that one has seen it before.

The story is about Govindan (Manivannan) and his two foster sons Aadi (Pasupathy) and Mathi (Vikram). All three are petty thieves who decide to reform and settle down in a new place. But fate brings them to a small village where their lorry breaks down and they meet a retired agricultural officer (Vijayakumar) and his three daughters. He is in debt and they have pledged their house to Rayar (Murali) the local loan shark.

The village is controlled by Rayar who has both money and muscle power. His only daughter is Seeta (Asin) who after a few scenes fall in love with Mathi!! The rest of the story is how Mathi helps Vijayakumar to get back his property, marries Seeta and exposes her uncle (Biju Menon) who tries to frame up Aadi!! Later in a contrived climax, everything is sorted out and the film ends on a happy note!!

There is nothing new story wise with no surprises or twists and the climax was predictable. On the plus side, watch out for Pasupathy and his immense comic timing with Vikram. He is a scream as the guy who speaks broken English and his love banter with Vijayakumar?s daughter is sure to bring the house down. Vadivelu?s comedy too raises a few laughs. The bonding between Pasupathy and Vikram is another highlight ?everything ends in a fight and a smile

Vikram tries hard to carry the colossal burden of the film and he manages, but only just. The love angle between the lead pair is a bit of damp squib. Right from her introductory scene to the songs and close-up?s Asin has been badly photographed. She has hardly anything to do in the film except to be there in two songs. Murali as Rayar looks fragile and Biju Menon has to go miles before he looks menacing as a baddie.

Technically the film lacks finesse as Balu?s camera, which was exotic in Pitamagan is very ordinary here. Art work is commendable with Pollachi farm house sets. Vidyasagar?s songs has a hangover of his earlier hits and the Chellame..Chellame and the melodious Sollitharava.. are the pick of the album.

On the whole if you are looking out for time-pass, Majaa can provide entertainment as it is a clean family fare with no vulgarity or violence.

Verdict: Time-Pass

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