Majnu review: Fun first half

Majnu review: Fun first half

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 23 September 2016

Movie Title

Majnu review: Fun first half


Virinchi Varma

Star Cast

Nani, Anu Emmanuel

Aditya (Nani) is an assistant director. He meets Suma (Priya Sri) and friendship develops between them. Aditya tells Suma about his old love story. Couple of years ago, when Aditya was a student in his hometown Bhimavaram, he fell in love with Kiran (Anu Emmanuel), but within a year differences crop up between them due to a friend and they drift apart. Aditya leaves for Hyderabad for good. After hearing this Suma falls in love with him. A twist happens at this point. Rest of the film is about how Aditya finds his true love.

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Director Virinchi Varma who debuted with a teenage rural love story Uyyala Jampala has come up with a story about a guy and two girls who love him. This story between these three people is neither unusual one, nor is it routine. The director first introduces the hero as a person who is working with Rajamouli for his magnum opus Baahubali. This is actually the interesting start. Then the director introduces us a girl and the track between these two persons and soon he reveals the flashback episode of hero's past love. The flashback has a very beautiful love track between hero and Bhimavaram girl. All these portions unfurl interestingly but at a leisurely pace.

Then he reveals the interval bang where he has to meet both the girls - the current love and past love. What happens next? That is quite an easy guess. After a fun first half, the film tuns out to be regular love story due to this predictability. As many love stories with one boy, two girls have come before this with similar angle in the story, the proceedings post interval doesn't excite.

Despite weak second half, the film is watchable for its moments. During the two half hours time, there are some good moments all through. Even in the dull post-interval episodes, there are some moments that are good. This is why the film turns to be an okay fare in the end. Moreover, Nani lifts many dull proceedings with his acting. So, despite shortcomings it makes an okay watch.

It has become quite common now to say that Nani has given good performance. In fact, he gives his best in every movie. Although he goes overboard in swimming pool scene, in rest of the movie he is at his best. Anu Emmanuel is beautiful and is apt for her role. Debutant Priya Sri is okay. Vennela Kishore's comedy evokes mixed feelings. While the comedy part is enjoyable, the Nava Rasa scene in swimming pool is boring.

Of the technical front, V S Gnanasekhar's camera work is highly appealing. His shots, the greens have made the movie colorful. Music by Gopi Sundar is adequate. Some dialogues are good. Pace of the movie is slow and the movie requires some urgent trimming.

Director Virinchi Varma has proved his talent in the first half. He has talent but he needs to work on writing taut screenplay.

Majnu works due to the fun first half, Nani's performance and colorful photography. But the film has excessive run time and weak portions in the second half. Still, it is watchable once.

Majnu review: 3/5 stars

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