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I am tensed: Meera Nandan
By Moviebuzz
She is just 17 and donít be fooled by her sweet eyes and genuine smile. Meera Nandan the former anchor on small screen is confident, opinionated and has it what it takes to achieve her dreams. She is the type of girl whom you will like the minute you meet her. This Kochi based young girl is making her debut as Dileepís heroine in Mulla directed by noted director Lal Jose. In her first ever interview to the media on the eve of the release of her debut film, Meera opens up to Moviebuzz on her dreams to conquer the galaxyÖ Excerpts

How did Mulla happen?
I was anchoring television programmes on Asianet, Amritha and Jeevan. One day out of the blue, Poornima wife of actor Indrajeet , called me up and asked if I was interested to do films. Director Lal Jose was looking for a new face with a girl-next-door looks and Poornima thought that I fitted the bill. I discussed with my parents and decided to go ahead and do the film.

What is your state of mind now?
Today was my last exam for CBSE 12th and naturally I have to be happy and relieved. But I am tensed and donít think I will be able to sleep till I hear the verdict about Mulla and my performance. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

How was the experience of working with Lal Jose and the Mulla team?
(Smiles) I met Lal Jose and he insisted that I do a screen test, after which I was selected. I was so nervous to work with veterans like Dileep chettan, cameraman Vipin Mohan sir and others, but trust me they all made me comfortable and slowly we all were like members of the same family.

What is your role in Mulla as in all Lal Jose films the heroines have meaty roles?
I play Lachi a bold, smart and outgoing girl who interesting in painting, doing icing on cakes and is a good singer. I really enjoyed the shoots and I think that it is a dream debut for any newcomer.

After Mulla what are your career moves?
I want to do good films in both Malayalam and Tamil but continue with my studies till I get a degree. I have signed a Tamil film with a newcomer for Ananda Vikatan films. Talks are on for a few other projects but I am waiting for the box-office results of Mulla before I make any further moves