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She was introduced by veteran Director Balachandra Menon in April 19. She has typical Malayalee looks, though she is a Kannadiga. She later migrated to Tamil, changed her name as Kausalya and was paired opposite all leading actors. She had a fair number of hits there, but now she has taken a break and is doing a couple of Malayalam films. We spoke to her on the sets of Karumadi Kuttan on her future plans and marriage.

Q: So you are back in Malayalam?

A:This is my fourth Malayalam film and in my earlier three films April 19, Thachilidath Chundan, and Ayal Katha Ezhuthunnu the Malayalee audience have accepted me. When Vinayan sir approached me for this role in Karumadi Kuttan I accepted it because it was an excellent subject.

Q: What is your role in Karumadi Kuttan?

A: In this film Kalabhavan Mani is playing the title role of Karumadi Kuttan,who is thirty years old but has a mental growth of only a ten year old. I play a young girl who had to look after a him and stands with him in through all his troubles. It will be one of my best performance till date.

Q: Do you have any criteria in selecting your roles?

A: Definitely yes. Every story should have a message and the female character in the films I do should have equally good scope for acting and not just a showpiece.

Q: What are your new projects in Tamil?

A: I am looking forward to a new film titled Kutti where I play Saraswati who had to take the responsibility of a child and be its mother under peculiar circumstance. The film is on child labour and how we should all try to abolish it. It is a very interesting character.

Q: Do you see films?

A: Not all. I love films made by Mira Nair or science fiction films. My only weakness is music.

Q: Is it true that only homely characters suit your face and image. Are you traditional in real life?

A: Not at all. I am very forward in my outlook, but not too westernised.

Q: Is money the most important thing in life?

A: I don't thing so. I have lot of friends who are extremely rich but they are not exactly happy in life. So what is the point in wasting your life running after money, I always believe in giving a part of what I earn to the poor and needy.

Q: What do you do during free time?

A: I could not complete my studies due to entry into films and now the only way to get some knowledge is by reading. I love reading science fiction and autobiographies. Right now I am reading a book on Hitler, which tells about a different face of him which you may not have read earlier.

Q: Don't you think that computer is the future and have you mastered it?

A: I think computer makes a person lazy and only reading can enrich your knowledge.

Q: What are your future plans?

A: I am here to stay. Once I am out of acting in Tamil and Malayalam my desire is to direct a film. I have already started working on it and it will be based on the life of hijdas.

Q: Is marriage on the list?

A: I don't believe in the institution of marriage, as it is the end of your freedom. But once I am out of work, I will marry. May be in 2007.

Q: So are you sure that you will be out before that?

A: Let me be. But I don't think that it is the end of everything. I will definitely be here as a director as I told you earlier and I am here to stay on.