Maley Nilluvavarege

Maley Nilluvavarege



Critic's Rating: 3/5

Monday 20 April 2015

Movie Title

Maley Nilluvavarege


S Mohan

Star Cast

Mohan, Dattanna, Sharth Lohitashwa, Srinivas Prabhu

It is not an easy task to convert a few minutes play into a two-hour long movie, and Mohan’s effort in bringing it on screen must be appreciated! But the question ‘is it worth watching on big screen’ remains unanswered!

The plot is set during the rain, until Maley Nilluvavarege (until the rain stops). Mohan is a businessman and his wife means the world to him. He is a happy and a successful man who goes to Western Ghats on a business deal. In the parallel track, there are five friends- Dattanna, Sharath Lohitashva, Karisubbu, Srinivas Prabhu and Suresh, who play a retired judge, a retired public prosecutor, a retired defence advocate, a retired hangman and a murder convict who has served his term, stay atop hill in a lonely house. They start playing a ‘deadly game’ with everyone who mistakenly ends up at the house. 

Mohan, who is on his way back home, takes a short cut and ends up at this house. The five, invites him to the deadly game, until the rain stops; and this opens up to a different world to Mohan. Will Mohan be able to go out of the house? Are those five human beings or the spirits? Well, this forms the rest of the story!Mohan has performed well in the film and his effort in helming all the responsibilities is worth appreciating.  

The album has only two songs and Layendra’s music is worth appreciating. Background music is perfect for a thriller. Music is indeed a saviour for the film.But the movie lacks clarity and spontaneity; and the movie moves in the snail’s pace, and one can see entire set of audience yawing at once. Kavitha Bora has very less thing to do in the film and she is seen mostly in the first half of the film.

The movie could have better if the screenplay was brisk.


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