Malli Malli

Malli Malli



Critic's Rating: 3/5

Tuesday 24 March 2009

Movie Title

Malli Malli


Raaj Adithya

Star Cast

Skanda, Kalyanee, Sachin Khedekar, Venu Madhav

Confidence is the buzzword of the film. Through two characters, the director explains that ending life or committing suicide would not solve any problems. One should not end live for the sake of a problem, but to kill the problem itself. (Ironically, the director of the film Raj Aditya himself violated the code as he hanged himself to death a few hours before the release of the film).

Nandu?s (Skanda) father, a painter could not make a living with his art and dies leaving behind Nandu, his mother and sister. Nandu who has completed his degree cannot secure a job and so falls into deep depression. Meanwhile he loses his heart to Madhu (Kalyani), daughter of Satyanarayana aka Satya (Sachin Khedkar). Satya, who has earned a fortune by working abroad, has come to India after the untimely death of his wife. Satya?s son addicted to drugs, once attempts suicide and becomes brain dead.

Bogged down, Satya turns philosophical and becomes a social service activist. When a politician appeals for his help, Satya refuses him saying that he wants to serve the people and not to rule them. Nandu too has a very good opinion of Satya as he has told Nandu not to run away in fear, instead face the problems with a bold heart.

Nandu gets a premonition and feels that everything will be repeated the next day. Nandu sees a dream that he kills Satya and gets caught by the police. In order to avoid doing a crime and to save Satya, Nandu prevents all those events which occurred in his dream. In the process he saves a boy from committing suicide.

Recollecting the premonition, Nandu goes to Naveed Khan, who abetted the murderer and finds that he had employed someone in trouble to kill Satya. He narrates his dream to Madhu and tells her to save her father. Nandu overpowers Naveed Khan and hands him over to the police.

With the help of Naveed, Nandu proves that Satya?s brother Ganga had planned the murder. However, everyone realises that it is not Ganga but Satya?s son who was the mastermind behind th plot to kill his father. As Satya and his son struggle, the latter gets killed accidentally. The film ends on a happy note with the union of Nandu and Madhu.

Both the hero and the heroine are debutants and there is nothing much to talk about them. Skanda is a look alike of the hero of yesteryears Karthik and has many similarities including the performance. Though he is okay in performance, he still needs to learn and improve his body language and histrionics. Kalyani looks good. Her character has a mix of glamour and she didn?t get much chance to perform but to shake legs with the hero in a couple of songs. Sachin Khedkar is wasted in the role as any other character artiste could have done the character. Comedy by Srinivasa Reddy, Venumadhav, MS Narayana and Master Bharat is okay.

Even behind the camera, none of the technicians have shown their prowess and failed to contribute to the success of the movie. Camera by Sivendra is average, while editing by Marthand might earn him a bad name as most of the scenes are boring and have escaped his sharp scissors. The repetition of some comedy tracks bore the audiences. Re-recording is another biggest draw back.

Songs are also not that catchy. Choreography of a couple of songs is good but being novices, the lead artistes have failed to impress the audiences. The biggest drawback of the film is the poor screenplay and immature direction. It is surprising how Raj Aditya, who has an experience in handling a hero like Sumanth has failed to bring out interesting movement in this film.

Verdict: Below average

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