Mallika review: It's all about the bathtub!

Mallika review: It's all about the bathtub!

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By: Sonia Chopra

Critic's Rating: 3/5

Saturday 04 September 2010

Movie Title

Mallika review: It's all about the bathtub!


Wilson Louis

Star Cast

Sameer Dattani,Sheena Nayar,Himanshu Mallik,Rajesh Khera,Pooja Ballutia

They ain't kidding when you see the promo posters of the leading lady in a bathtub. For the bathtub features just as much as the central characters, perhaps playing a far more substantial part in the story.

Horror-sleaze is an old genre; a prime example being Ramsay Brothers 1988 film Veerana.

Here we see Sanjana (lead actress Sheena Nayyar; not lead player material) getting spooked in her apartment. She's then going to a fort-resort in Rajsthan for a holiday.

As soon as she gets there, the spooky effects begin. The gramophone starts on its own, lights flicker, the jhoola swings on its own. There are other assorted characters in the film, introduced mainly for the purpose of the one-by-one killing routine.

Turns out the spirit is that of Mallika (also played by Nayyar) who owned the fort palace and was murdered by her philandering husband (Mamik). The place is now run by another couple.

In the flashback sequence, Mallika's murder is shown in painstaking and gruesome detail. It's a long sequence, one that's unbearably ghastly.

Anyhow Sanajna is Mallika?s hamshakal (lookalike) , but that has no bearing on the story. Funny. We're not clear whether Sanjana is Mallika's rebirth or it?s just a happy coincidence they look alike, save the curly and straight locks.

There are other unintentionally hilarious scenes. Like the very Tales-from-the-Crypt scene where a character dies because a bat covers his face leading to an accident.

Mallika, we are made to believe, is a good ghost, one who was wronged and wants to tell Sanjana her story. But still this ghost, constantly spooks all the characters in the palace appearing in bhootni uniform with loose hair, white flowing dress, and partly decomposed face.

The characters are a funny bunch: a few models who've come there for a photo-shoot and keep sniffing coke (when not undressing for the bathtub, more on that later), and a sleazy photographer.

Sanajana, constantly spilling out of her clothes, meanwhile has found her love interest (Sameer Dattani) and the two sing boring duets.

The bloodfest starts pretty early. The pattern is similar: a model undresses for the bath-tub scene, and then she either gets spooked or murdered. Some brave viewers took it upon themselves to count the number of times the bathtub featured in the film, but resigned and gave up soon enough.

Director Wilson Louis makes a film that's more gory than scary, the way unintentional horror-comedies were made way back.

Verdict: Half-a-star

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