Mallika Sherawat shares when she was harassed for her choices of clothes

Last Updated: Wed, Jul 04, 2018 14:51 hrs
Mallika Sherawat

Nearly 10 years ago, Mallika Sherawat shocked everyone with her bold choices on the screen. The actress will soon be seen in a web series.

During a conversation with ANI, she spoke about the days she was harassed for choosing to wear short skirts.

“The man who misbehaved with me, he would get very irritated because I wore short skirts. I was accused of going against Indian culture. He would send me letters, call me and say that ‘you are not respecting our culture, why are you wearing such short skirts’. Even in 21st-century women are being judged for wearing short skirts. He had a lot of problems that a girl from Haryana is wearing such clothes, why she is doing such screens, and I was like how is it any of your business, this is a free country,” she said.