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Tuesday 9 November 2004

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Mohanlal, Sobhana, Innocent, Sudhish

Mohanlal?s Mambazhakalam in a way is disappointing as it is nothing but a pale imitation of Balettan, and should have been aptly titled Chandrettan. The role of a sacrificing elder brother is stereotyped as Mohanlal sleep walks throughout.

Still Mambazhakalam has some juice left as writer T.A Shahid tries to repackage his old story. The sentiments especially in Chandrettan's (Mohanlal) dialogues have an emotional quality as director Joshi repeats the old `family tearjerkers` of 80?s. Here the sensational child artist Sanusha and her scenes with Indira (Sobana) are sure to make the lady audience weep.

Puthenpurackal Chandran is a gulf returnee who is middle-aged and has done everything for his large family. He lives with mother (Kaviyoor Ponnamma), sister (Poornima), three younger brothers (Baiju, Sudhesh and Vishnu). The family lives off Chandrettan who is looking for a bride but nothing works out. One day he meets his old flame Indira (Sobhana) who is now a divorcee with a 10-year-old daughter (Sanusha) who has a behavioral problem.

The family is opposed to Chandrettan?s idea of getting married to a divorcee, who has her own story to tell. She had married Raghuram (Anil Aditya), her family doctor, on the advice of her late father and on the wedding night Indira discovers that he has a wife and a daughter!

The doctor who is a drug addict kills his wife and is now in jail and Indira is looking after his daughter! Will Chandrettan marry Indira? What happens when Raghuram comes back? All this forms the climax of this steamy tearjerker.

Joshi depends more on Mohanlal?s Balettan image to salvage the film which drags in the second half. M.Jayachandran has rehashed his old hits. The camera of Sanjeev Shankar and the comedy of Harisri Asokan is ok. The production values are cheap as the entire film was shot in a hotel which backs up as the hero?s ?tharavad?.

Mohanlal does the Balettan act once again while Sobhana and Sanusha look good. All the same if you are a die-hard Mohanlal fan you may enjoy Mambazhakalam.

Verdict: Average

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