Manal Kayiru-2 review:Amateurish attempt

Hard truth is Ashwin Shekar lacks the energy, which his dad still has.


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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 23 December 2016

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Manal Kayiru-2 review:Amateurish attempt


Madhan Kumar

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SV Shekar, Poorna, Ashwin,

Manal Kayiru-2, sequel of Visu-SV Shekar’s hit comedy drama begins with selected scenes from the first part (1982). Though the original film is 34 years old, comedy remains fresh and it actually gave a hope that the sequel will be as entertaining as the original. But sadly, all the actors in Manal Kayiru-2 seems to living in the drama world and even the execution has the heavy hangover of 80’s.

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In the first part Kittumani’s (SV Shekar) eight conditions for his wedding got shattered due to Naradhar Naidu’s (Visu) master plan that the former married Uma (Shanthi Krishna), who can’t even fulfill any of his expectations. The couple now has a daughter (Poorna), who lists out eight conditions for her wedding and this time too, Narathar Naidu comes into play and finds a bridegroom (Ashwin Shekar).

Once again the wedding rope couldn't be twisted further as the couple has contrasting tastes and expectations…

The major highlight of Manal Kayiru-2 is SV Shekar’s comic dialogues that despite the below par performances and stage drama effect, few one liners evoke genuine laughter. But those comedy sequences, which worked in bits and pieces aren’t enough to provide entertainment.

Had Manal Kayiru-2 got better actors and a director, who understand the present sensibilities, the film would have worked but now, this is nothing but an amateurish attempt with few comedy scenes as the only silver lining.

Hard truth is Ashwin Shekar lacks the energy, which his dad still has. Poorna is adequate for the role of a modern girl. Among the other actors, SV Shekar, Visu, Lollu Sabha Swaminathan and Chams steal the show that they are the ones, who make us to sit through such a badly made film.

Manal Kayiru-2 review: Verdict: Below Average

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