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Critic's Rating: 17/5

Friday 18 June 2004

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Star Cast

Sarath Kumar, Sakshi, Abbas, Vadivelu

A statutory warning - Manasthan had been in the making for the last five years and finally it has hit the screens. Hence it looks jaded and outdated as the hero Sarath Kumar himself sleepwalks through the film.

A landlord (Vijayakumar) and his wife (Sujatha) have two sons Deva (Sarath Kumar) and Selva (Abbas). Deva is an illiterate village bumpkin who is na?ve and is devoted to his family while Selva is a college student. The father develops a sudden hatred towards Deva which leads him to hatch a plot to get rid of him - the reason is the suspense in the climax. This time the baddies are the cousins of Deva who fight over property.

There are far too many clich?d situations and scenes seen in innumerable steamy tearjerkers of the 60?s when melodramatic plots used to rule the roost. Sarath Kumar looks disinterested in the proceedings though he manages to be natural in the routine romantic song ?n? dance sequences. Sakshi looks jaded ands overacts at times. Abbas as Selva is convincing and Vadivelu?s comedy is ok. Vjayakumar and Sujatha fit into their respective roles and Kakka Radhakrishnan makes a decent cameo appearance.

S.A.Rajkumar reworks on his earlier tunes as Manasthan is as stale as day before yesterday?s sambarand can be avoided.

Verdict: Avoidable

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