Mandhaaram review: A tedious journey that is barely engaging

Mandhaaram is a love story where nothing much happens other than testing the patience of the viewers

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Saturday 6 October 2018

Movie Title



Vijesh Vijay

Star Cast

Asif Ali, Varsha Bollamma

Debutant director Vijesh Vijay’s Mandhaaram is a love story where nothing much happens other than testing the patience of the viewers.

The story begins when two school kids are going around asking all about the meaning of “I Love You”, after watching that famous scene from that old Mohanlal starrer, Vandanam. They eventually manages to find out the meaning on their own. One of them, who happens to be our hero, Rajesh (Asif Ali) soon falls in love with a classmate. But she ditches Rajesh, leaving him deeply hurt.

His life continue with his gang of friends at an Engineering college then, where he is studying Mechanical engineering. The usual escapades that we have seen many times in stories of this genre, booze sessions, affairs and so on happens next.

It is during this time that he meets and falls almost immediately in love with Charu (Varsha Bollamma), a fashion designing student. She is friendly with him and they hang out together quite often. He naturally expects her to reciprocate his feelings for her but is heartbroken when he finds her closeness to a cousin of hers. 

With a storyline that barely excites you and a script that lacks any fizz, even the less than 140 minutes duration of the film, feels way too long. 

In a role where he has nothing much to do other than his trademark mannerisms, Asif Ali (He is incidentally introduced here as the “Charming Star”. If there is any creativity involved in this film’s making it is this new title for the hero) performs dedicatedly. But one gets a feeling that it is time he devoted enough focus on picking scripts that offers him something special. 

Varsha Bollamma resembles Nazriya Nazim and tries to imitate her. She is okay at best. The rest of the cast have a limited role to play.

Mandhaaram is a tedious journey that is barely engaging for the viewer. The attempt is to cover up the weak script with its presentation and some nice locations. At best, you could have some fine moments if you are a hardcore Asif Ali fan. 

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