Mandhira Punnagai

Mandhira Punnagai


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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Monday 22 November 2010

Movie Title

Mandhira Punnagai


Karu Palaniappan

Star Cast

Karu Palaniappan, Meenakshi, Santhanam, Thambi Ramaiah

As a director Karu Palaniappan is known for his squeaky clean family films on human relationships. So when he turned hero, you expect him to showcase his talents as an actor with a Parthipan Kanavu or a Pirivom Sandhippom.

However Karu has other plans, when he made his acting debut with Mandhira Punnagai. The protagonist here has grey shades and is not a nice man to know and like. For a guy who is making his acting debut it is a very bold, in your face character, something which a regular hero will do only after maturing as an actor.

Kathir (Karu) is a brilliant architect whose designs get cleared by the builders in the first sitting itself. But nobody like him as he is cynical, forthright and a difficult person to deal with and is basically a loner. One of his colleagues remark caustically- ? He is far from the maddening crowd.?

Kathir lives in a nice flat where he spends most of the time boozing and has a regular call girl entertaining him. His colleagues in office like structure engineer Senthil (Santhanam), try to keep their distance.

One day a beautiful girl Nandini (Meenakshi), a sales executive working in a high end car company, comes into his life. Kathir tries to come out of his shell, and develops a soft corner somewhere in his heart for Nandini, as she reminds him of his mother. However, soon doubts develop in his mind which shatters his normal day to day life, as the bitter truth and dark memories come back shattering his peace of mind.

The film moves at a tortoise pace and commercial ingredients like songs and comedy tracks are thrust into the narration, in a script which is wafer thin. Karu as Kathir is a bit stiff, at the same time for a beginner in a very difficult role passes muster.

The beautiful and sexy Meenakshi has come out with a stunning performance as Nandini, the pivot around which the film revolves. Santhanam and Thambi Ramaiah do their comedy act to perfection.

Technically, the film is far superior to the script thanks to Rajeevan?s art work and Ramnath Shetty?s camera. Vidyasagar whose combination with Karu had resulted in great melodies in the past, falls flat maybe due to lack of inspiration. The first mass drinking song ?Thanni Podda?? where Karu shakes a leg along with workers at a construction site looks similar to ?Humka Peeni Hai..? from Salman Khan?s Dabanng in picturisation.

There is no redeeming factor in the film like the director?s earlier works. At time you get the feel that it is one whole binge, from which there is no escape.

Verdict- Tedious

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