Manithan review: Watchable

Manithan Review: Watchable



Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 29 April 2016

Movie Title

Manithan review: Watchable



Star Cast

Udhay, Hansika, Prakash Raj, Radha Ravi, Vivek

Manithan is a feel-good satire, a remake of the Bollywood courtroom drama, Jolly LLB. The film throws light at our system and the sad state of affairs where witnesses go missing, evidence can be manipulated, people can be bought and the best lawyers in the business can be hired by the rich to help them get away scot-free while the poor struggle.

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It tells the story of a small-time lawyer, Sakthi (Udhay), who dreams of becoming a star litigator. He moves from Pollachi to Chennai to chase his dream and win over his fiancée Priya (Hansika). But the naive guy gets embroiled in a high-profile hit-and-run case where he finds himself up against one of the country's biggest criminal lawyer Adhiseshan (Prakash Raj).

Director Ahmed (Vaamanan, Endrendrum Punnagai) has incorporated few changes to the original to add nativity. Other than a strong screenplay and sharp dialogues by Ajayan Bala, Madhie’s stellar cinematography too gives the grandeur to the film and Santhosh Naryanan’s music only elevates the emotions to a different level.

Manithan is easily Udhay's best so far, as the actor has given a subtle performance without any gimmicks or song 'n' dance routine. Hansika as Priya the righteous teacher who eggs Sakthi to fight for the truth has given a very good performance. As a simple girl from Pollachi, she scores in emotional scenes.  Vivek is ok while Prakash Raj is loud and overacts as lawyer Adhiseshan. Radha Ravi is in top form as the judge. Wonder why a talented Aishwarya Rajesh accepted the inconspicuous role of  a TV journalist?

On the downside the film is exhaustingly predictable and overstuffed with unnecessary songs. The way in which Sakthi unveils the case and comes across witnesses and evidence is just farcically easy.

On the whole, Manithan is watchable and works because it has heart. Make time for it this weekend.

Manithan review: Verdict-Watchable

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