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Critic's Rating: 17/5

Friday 10 August 2001

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Indra Kumar

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So what if `Mann` reminds you what a lovely film `An Affair To Remember` was, or for that matter how wonderful the songs in the Rajendra Kumar-Sadhna film `Aarzoo` were? Some of the songs are good here too and forget about the lack of orginality, aren`t all Hindi films carbon copies of each other or for that matter some classic from Hollywood?

What`s important is that `Mann` shows the improvement of Indra Kumar as a director. Gone are the attempts to appease the masses with the Dhak-Dhaks of `Beta` or the extra large helping of melodrama a la `Dil`. The drama is still there but thankfully, underplayed. It all unfolds aboard a luxury liner, where Mr Casanova (Aamir Khan) meets Ms Prim-n-Propah (Manisha Koirala). Sparks fly from Casanova`s side but Ms P-n-P, who`s obviously amused by his never-give-up attitude, points to her beau in a photoframe (Anil Kapoor) and puts him in his place.

The two become friends and Ms P-n-P is soon lecturing Casanova on winning faith and trust. Add to this a trip to his loving grandmother (Sharmila Tagore in a bad wig and terrible make-up) and the two realise their hearts are going boom-boom for each other. But Ms Prim has Photoframe to take care of and Mr C needs to make something out of his flippant life. So the two say tata in front of Gateway of India and decide to meet there after six months to be together forever.

Now what? Casanova throws away his life of luxury (that includes super rich heiress Deepti Bhatnagar) and turns into hoarding painter. Prim goes back to Photoframe and her life of teaching music to kids in an idyllic location (wherever did they find such a place in amchi Mumbai is the question!). And good girl that she is even decides to forget her man-at-sea and and get married to the one at hand, because she owes so much to him!

Photoframe of course turns out to be one with a heart of gold and tells her to go ahead with her Seafarer. But films can`t stop at such uncomplicated endings, can they? So Prim loses her leg en route to Gateway of India and decides never to tell her lover. Much ado and misunderstandings later, the two finally come together in a tearjerking but heartrending climax.

The incidents in the second half drag on for some time, making you wish that they`d hurry things up. On the contrary, the director seems to be in a hurry to build up something between his lead pair in the first half. Young music directors Sajeev and Darshan make an auspicious debut and prove that they are worthy sons of composer Shravan. Songs like `Nasha Ye Pyar Ka Nasha...` and `Mera Mann...` are lilting and easy on the ears. It`s music coupled with the competent performances by Aamir Khan and Manisha Koirala that make `Mann` a weekend entertainer worth a watch.

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