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Monday 08 October 2012

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Jayaram, Poonam Bajwa

As it often happens in Malayalam, filmmakers take the audience for granted a bit too much regarding logic or credibility, while making horror comedies.

That is exactly what happens in director Anil's Manthrikan as well, where absurd scenes are shown one after the other to make it spooky and humorous at the same time. Worse still, two things mainly absent in this agonizingly boring film are horror and comedy!

All the clich?d recipes for a creepy set up are ready here. Shady looking houses, a 'yakshi' in a bright saree with a score to settle, a gang of villains, darkness, screeches, black magic, revenge and so on.

Then there is the hero, Mukundanunni (Jayaram), who is not really keen about his father's black magic skills and is wiling away his time with two dumb cronies (played by Kalabhavan Shajon and Ramesh Pisharody) in some remote village. There he meets a girl named Malu (Poonam Bajwa), who has no memories about her past but falls pretty easily for the hero after a couple of songs. But they get separated soon after.

Some years later, the hero meets the heroine, but she doesn't identify him. Then the 'yakshi' begins her show and all what you would expect in a lowbrow spooky thriller starts happening from then on.

The script by Rajan Kiriyath lacks any merit and still the director has religiously executed all the scenes on to the screen. Vaidy S Pillai's visuals are top notch but S Balakrishnan's music is nothing to rave about.

Jayaram tries to repeat his age-old mannerisms, which were pretty fine more than a decade back. Poonam Bajwa looks mostly wooden, be it romance or horror. The rest of the cast too joins them in yelling out dialogues and make things look irritatingly doltish.

Manthrikan is more or less a rehash of Anil's earlier movie titled Pakalppooram. Go for this one only if you were desperately waiting for a similarly tasteless movie. Or else just stay away from this one.

Verdict: Below average

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