Mapla Singam Review: A tedious watch

Mapla Singam Review: A tedious watch



Critic's Rating: 3/5

Monday 14 March 2016

Movie Title

Mapla Singam Review: A tedious watch



Star Cast

Vemal, Anjali, Soori, Radharavi, Jayaprakash

Debut director Rajasekar has followed the tried and tested template formula in Mapla Singam. Right from the beginning, the film tests our patience with bland comedies and so called mass moments with a wafer-thin story.

Anbu (Vemal) is a carefree youngster whose only job is to convince his family girls from eloping and wallop the guys, who made them to fall in love. In short, he does ‘Katta Panchayat’ not for living but for glory of his uncle (Radharavi), who is the chairman of the local town.

At one point of time, Vemal develops a liking the local lawyer Shailaja (Anjali) and from then on, he slowly changes his point of view towards love. Things turn upside down when rumor on Radharavi’s daughter (Madhumila) eloped with Anjali's brother goes viral in the town. Now Vemal has to solve the ego clash between both the families and tie knot with his ladylove…

As said earlier, the plot of Mapla Singam offers nothing new and even a five year old kid could guess the next scene. Soori’s comedies fall flat and the songs are mere speed breakers in the plodding screenplay.

Considering his recent films, Vemal looks ok while Anjali repeats the same expressions from her Kalakalappu days. Sadly seasoned actors including Radharavi and Jayaprakash are underused that they could not contribute much to the movie.

Cinematography by Tharun Balaji is good but the film’s editor Vivek Harshan should have trimmed minimum fifteen minutes of the current running time.

Bottom line is if you are a fan of formulaic movies, you might enjoy this but others, please stay away!

Mapla Singam Review: Verdict: Tedious


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