Maradona review: Has its moments and is neatly packaged

The young hero looks dishy and performs his character with confidence

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Saturday 28 July 2018

Movie Title

Maradona review: Has its moments and is neatly packaged


Vishnu Narayan

Star Cast

Tovino Thomas, Saranya R Nair

In director Vishnu Narayan’s Maradona, Tovino Thomas plays a criminal, who is difficult to be reformed.

Maradona (Tovino Thomas) is on the run after a fight with a gang. Left with a fractured leg, Maradona starts staying with the family of his friend’s sister in Bengaluru. When the family leaves for a pleasure trip,he continues to stay there alone in the apartment for a few more days.

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During his stay in the apartment, he becomes friendly with a young girl named Asha (Saranya R Nair), who lives in the adjacent flat. Meanwhile, his rivals are trying every way to trace his hideout. Even as his love life starts blossoming, Maradona senses that his rivals are coming closer to him.

The whole film is based on a rather simple premise but even then this cat and mouse game has been made in a fine manner. The hero here is a flawed guy and there are no efforts to whitewash him at any point or to pick his virtues, so as to make him heroic.

Still, one gets the feeling that this one could have been shorter in length, as we often have to wait for some real drama to happen.

In a character with definite shades of grey and one that is similar in many ways to his own role in Mayanadhi, Tovino Thomas comes up with a consistent and a matured show. The young hero looks dishy and performs his character with confidence. Saranya R Nair has to look bubbly and she impresses with her cute dialogue delivery and mannerisms.

Chemban Vinod Jose, Tito Wilson, Nisthar Sait and the rest of the cast have done their parts well.

Maradona has its moments and is neatly packaged though it could have been trimmed a bit to make it more gripping. Even in the current form, this movie can turn out to be quite an enjoyable ride, if you are not waiting for too many surprises. Try this one!

Maradona review - Verdict: Entertaining

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Gani @Ganirulz

'#Maradona' should test your intellectual capacity if you really try to finding out why do they tittled it 'Maradona'... ? Jokes apart : #Maradona is a decent one-time watchable film. @filmibeat
Maradona Review: A Neatly Packaged Movie That Offers A Compelling Viewing Experience!

Forum Keralam (FK) @Forumkeralam1
#Maradona is a movie that could be worth a watch. Movie that revolves around the life of Maradona and Sudhi. A come they commit and what follows there after. The movie has enough to keep you engaged till the end. A neat climax as well

Forum Reelz @Forumreelz
#Maradona started slowly and get into tracks towards interval
Thriller mode
So far Good first half

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