Marainthirunthu Parkum Marmam Enna review:A decent watch

Marainthirunthu Parkum Marmam Enna review:A decent watch

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Sunday 19 August 2018

Movie Title

Marainthirunthu Parkum Marmam Enna review:A decent watch



Star Cast

Dhruvva, Manobala, Mime Gopi, Saran Ponvannan

Director Rahesh has packaged Marainthirunthu Parkum Marmam Enna as an entertainer based on the popular chain snatching crime happening in Chennai city. Two years back, a film titled ‘Metro’ also depicted the chain snatching as subject, but  Marainthirunthu Parkum Marmam Enna  has mother sentiment, pinch of heroism and few hummable melodies.

Japan (Dhruvva) is a cylinder delivery boy who intrudes into the chain smuggling gang to get to know the people behind the death of his dear ones. The initial few minutes of the film authentically portrayed the techniques followed by the underworld gang and how they transform it into money. Director Rahesh has done his research work efficiently and it’s evident in the portions featuring the smuggling gang, their lifestyle and how they escape from cops. But the mother sentiment scenes involving Saranya Ponvannan actually deviates the flow of the screenplay from serious crime drama to the mainstream commercial film.

Dhruvva carries the single look throughout the film and only his tall masculine physique helps him to carry the action hero image. The film’s biggest advantage is the way director Rahesh portrayed the chain snatching crimes otherwise, it would have ended just like any other revenge drama. The backdrop actually evokes our interest and makes us sit throughout the film.

The unnecessary comedy sequences featuring Manobala and scenes with the second heroine Ishwarya Dutta are totally unnecessary to the film which actually affects the fast-moving screenplay. The flashback portion also follows the tried and tested template. The climax stunt sequence elevating the heroism is also needless for this genre.

Technically, Achu Rajumani’s songs are pleasant to ears but his background score is quite jarring. The cinematography is particularly effective in Marainthirunthu Parkum Marmam Enna that it captures the expressions effortlessly and the editing pattern is also quite impressive.

Overall, Marainthirunthu Parkum Marmam Enna is a decent entertainer unearthing the techniques of chain snatching crimes in cities.

Marainthirunthu Parkum Marmam Enna reviewVerdict: Decent entertainer

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