Maro Charitra

Maro Charitra



Critic's Rating: 3/5

Monday 29 March 2010

Movie Title

Maro Charitra


Ravi Yadav

Star Cast

Varun Sandesh, Anita, Shradda Das, Adarsh, Prathap Pothan

The modern version of Maro Charitra did not require any publicity, but made the youthful audiences to lay in wait for it thanks to the repetition of the title it immortal predecessor and the original, which starred Kamal and Saritha. The audience who would watch this film would leave with a sense of remorse that the classics are to be kept untouched or dealt with dexterity, but not to exploit its craze, which would only result in a dampening show.

Balu (Varun Sandesh) makes a return to India from the US, after saying goodbye to his studies midway, only to fall in love with his neighbour Swapna (Anita), who too reciprocates without much pranks. The hero?s dad (Prathap Pothan) and the heroine mom America Durga (Urvasi) come in their way. Parents of both sides think that their love is not from their hearts but only an infatuation. But, Balu and Swapna swear by their love before their parents that they would stay away from each other for one year to prove that their love is genuine. After the lapse of one year, what would happen? It forms the crux of the story.

Varun Sandesh is bouncing with vigour all through the film. Interestingly, the hero suited well for the character as Balu of this modern version, an US return, which he is in real life. But, a serious watch at his emotions gives a feel that he sounded amateurish, besides looking lanky.

Anita is cute and glamorous and could arouse the passion in the youth audiences thanks to her decent oomph. The director clearly failed to project her in the modern format, resulting in confusion in her characterization.

Shradda Das is adequate in her role, which compared to her previous films, has some meaning and not limited to her being a mere tool to expose.

Adarsh donned the responsibility of the negativity in the film. If toned well, he would sure await a promising future in Tollywood. Prathap Pothan is typical in his role as a dad opposing the son?s love, and the same is repeated by Urvashi. Kota is regular and Venu just comes and goes like a cameo. The story is clich?d and there is no justification to the title too.

Most of the present day youth audiences, though have not seen the Maro Charitra of Kamal, are fully aware that the film was a tragedy. They would soon think that the modern version lacked the emotion and they prefer to compare it with its original, which continues to remain one of the most moving love stories of all time.

The screenplay is not smooth and the director failed to balance the tempo of romance and emotion that usually go by the love story. When the audiences come out, they do not even feel an iota that they have watched a love story.

Music by Mickey J Mayer could not create any magic in the theatre. However, cinematography rules the roost, as the camera captures some of the most beautiful scenes in the US. The songs ?Ye Teega Poovuno and Bhale Bhale Magadivoy? are canned in poor manner and they are not at all a match to their originals.

The comedy part in the film is not treated well. The scenes only hampered the progression of the entertainment. The scene in which the hero and the heroine attempt suicide by jumping in to the Niagara Falls lacked the seriousness.

The first half is OK, while the second half turned clumsy with a disturbed sequence of episodes which lacked connectivity. But for the scenic locations and for some youthful moments, the film holds nothing to the regular audience.

Verdict: Average

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