Marubhoomiyile Aana review- Lowbrow comedy

Marubhoomiyile Aana review- Lowbrow comedy



Critic's Rating: 3/5

Tuesday 16 August 2016

Movie Title

Marubhoomiyile Aana review- Lowbrow comedy


V K Prakash

Star Cast

Biju Menon, Krishna Sankar, Samskruthy Shenoy

Director V K Prakash’s Marubhoomiyile Aana is modelled on those old fashioned comedies that we thought were obsolete by now.

After an initial drama that happens inside a plush hotel in the Gulf, the story shifts to a village in Kerala.

Suku (Krishna Sankar) is finding the going tough after his family loses everything to Kamalan (Lalu Alex). In order to regain the lost fortunes and to marry his lover Keerthi (Samskruthy Shenoy), who incidentally is Kamalan’s daughter, Suku goes to Qatar with a risky deal.

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In Qatar, while on his way to deliver a bag, he witnesses a Sheikh coming out of a swanky car, with a tiger in tow and entering his palace. The Sheikh, incidentally, is none other than the hero, played by Biju Menon.

Soon Suku learns that he has been cheated in the deal and on his way back to Kochi, he has the same Sheikh for company, sitting next to him in the flight.

With silly coincidences, confusions, unprecedented happenings and twists that makes you yawn, this buffoonery then starts going in full pace. But with a pathetic story and a messy script, this one only manages to test your patience in a big way.

There are all efforts to tickle the funny bone, with double meaning dialogues in plenty. The situations lack clarity or imagination and is barely engaging.

Biju Menon, who is known for his comic timing, does manage to evoke laughter here and there with his dialogue delivery, mannerisms and style. But this one is so badly written that even he can’t do anything to salvage this mess.

Marubhoomiyile Aana expects you to leave your brains back home and have some mindless fun. Fair enough. But the problem is when even that entertainment is not provided with some smart writing. Watch this one at your own risk.

Marubhoomiyile Aana review - Verdict: Lowbrow comedy

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