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Saturday 8 September 2007

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Arjun, Vadivel, Nila

It cannot get more down market than this. The Suraj directed, Arjun-Vadivel starrer Marudhamalai is strictly for the B&C audiences. It is a mass movie laced with all essential ingredients that will work big time at the box-office.

The formula looks simple- comedy, glamour, sentiments and loads of action mixed in the right proposition by director Suraj, who has done something similar earlier in Thalai Nagaram. Suraj's mix is Vadivel + Action hero = Mass Entertainment, for the common man in B&C. Don't look for story, logic, reason or continuity, just have fun!

The story looks to be a crasser version of Ajit's Kireedam. Maruthamalai (Arjun) is a young man (audiences are ready to accept it!!), son of a retired police constable (Nassar) whose only dream is that his son joins the force. Maruthamalai is selected as a low level constable and posted to a Wild West type place called Nachiapuram police station where the Head constable is 'Encounter' Ekambaram (Vadivel), a corrupt and typical caricature of a cop. What happens then is a typical Tom and Jerry, one-man upmanship game between Maruthamalai and Ekambaram.

In the second half it becomes an action film. Nachiapuram is a lawless place ruled by Maasi (Malayalam actor Lal), a man belonging to a majority community. He has not allowed election to be held in the place for the last 20 years, as the government has made it a reserved constituency. Maasi does not want to be ruled by an MLA, from a lower caste!

Enter election commissioner Suryanarayanan (Reghuvaran), who wants to cleanse the situation, and soon he is able to pack off Maasi to the jail with the help of Malai who transforms himself into a one-man fighting machine after his father is killed by Maasi's men. The rest is as predictable as the item song, glamorous Nila the heroine and other masalas in the film.

Arjun the evergreen action hero does his role in his typical style, while Vadivel the real hero of the film does his normal comic act with his trademark whining and speaking in broken English. Nila must enroll herself in an acting school at the earliest, and also get her lip sync correct. D. Imman's music is a bit of a let down and technically the film is shoddy.

On the whole if you like crass humour and formula films, you can take a peek at this film which is sure to work with the masses. 'Oscar' Ravichandran, the producer will be laughing all the way to the bank!

Verdict: Mass Masala

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