Marudhu review: Tailor-made for Vishal

Marudhu review: Tailor-made for Vishal



Critic's Rating: 3/5

Saturday 21 May 2016

Movie Title

Marudhu review: Tailor-made for Vishal


Star Cast

Vishal, Sreedivya, Suresh, Soori

Rural mass action entertainers are a favourite genre in Tamil cinema. Normally these kind of films follow the same template with minimum logic and maximum clichés.

Vishal's Muthiah directed Marudhu follows this pattern and is packaged and presented in a manner that will appeal more to B and C centre audiences. Muthiah doesn't seem to have got over the hangover of his last film Komban, as the village backdrop,characters and presentation is the same.

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Marudhu (Vishal) has been brought up with all good virtues that he does not accept any disrespect to women, thanks to his responsible grandmother Mariamma (Leela).Everything goes well for Marudhu, as he lives a normal life with a doting grandmother and close friend Kokkarako (Soori) in Rajapalayam until they meet Rolex Pandian (RK Suresh), a powerful local thug turned aspiring politician.

Meanwhile, there is an unsettled enmity between Marudhu's ladylove Baghyalakshmi (Sri Divya) and Rolex Pandian as the latter brutally murdered the former's mother. Now Baghyalakshmi files a writ against Rolex through her lawyer dad Sankarapandiyan(Marimuthu) but it's not that easy. Can Marudhu helps his ladylove? Also, there is a back story that connects Marudhu to the death of Baghyalakshmi's mother!

The violence throughout and the climax makes you think how the film was passed with just a UA certificate? Is this is a movie for the entire family? The love track and songs slows the tempo in the first half.

However, the script of Marudhu is tailor-made for Vishal as he excels as an action hero. After Sandakozhi and Pandiya Nadu, his physique and spontaneous dialogue delivery have worked out well in the movie. The interval block and climax are good. Leela, who plays Vishal's grandmother has an author backed role but her lip sync is not upto the mark. Sreevidya has not improved a bit even after doing a dozen films as she has a disinterested look in her eyes throughout.

But the film belongs to RK Suresh, as he is menacing as Rolex Pandian and Soori too plays Vishal's sidekick role well with a few emotional scenes.

For a rural action entertainer, Marudhu is technically slick with excellent cinematography by Velraj with a brown tone (climax fight reminds you of Sandakozhi). Imman pulsating background score and Praveen KL's razor sharp editing too elevate the film to a different level.

Overall, Marudhu is predictable rural entertainer that may work with masses.

Marudhu review: Verdict: Rural actioner.

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