Masala Republic

Masala Republic



Critic's Rating: 3/5

Sunday 27 April 2014

Movie Title

Masala Republic


Vishakh G S

Star Cast

Indrajith, Aparna Nair

It was perhaps the trailer of Masala Republic that brought in serious attention for this maiden attempt by Vishakh G S.

The story has all the ingredients to make a good comedy. But all that the makers succeed here is to make a stupid mess.

The storyline goes like this. There is a ban on pan masala and to implement it, an ?Anti Gutka Squad? is created. S I Shambhu (Indrajith), a quirky circle inspector, is the head of the squad, which also has two women constables.

L Then there are some non-Malayali workers doing menial jobs, some criminals, a local politician and so on. A gang of young men (Shine Tom Chacko, Vinay Forrt, Soubin and a few others) gets involved in the illicit business, just before Shambhu takes charge.

If you are the kind who enjoys watching those mostly irritating comic skits in various TV channels, chances are that you can sit through this amateurish film during the first half. But from then on, it becomes plain absurd and just mocks the viewer.

Based on a rather silly script by Arun George K David, director Vishakh G S has tried hard to make it all look like it is some brave experiment, but this one lacks any merit. Suresh Rajan?s visuals are good.

It is surprising on how Indrajith chooses his roles, like this one for instance. The talented actor is fantastic when the script and direction is good but then he loses all the goodwill from the viewers when he does nauseating films like these.

Aparna Nair, as a journalist, looks wooden. Sunny Wayne has nothing much to do. Vinay Forrt and Soubin are impressive.

There is widespread complaint about ?small films? not getting theatres. But inane attempts like Masala Republic tends to wean away even the crowds who would support such experiments. All this film succeeds in is to nag you like a real bad dream!

Verdict: Avoidable

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