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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Thursday 14 November 2013

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K Vijaya Bhaskar

Star Cast

Venkatesh, Ram, Anjali, Shazahn Padamsee, Ali, Brahmanandam, M.S Narayana

Rahman (Ram) loses his ancestral property in a case. On the advice of his uncle (M S Narayana), Ram moves to a village along with his sister Sania (Anjali).

The village head Balram (Venkatesh) speaks in clunky English and doesn`t like people who lie. One incident makes Rahman to be introduced to Balram as Ram, a Hindu boy. Balramprovides him a job at his home as accountant. To cover the one lie that he is not Rahman but Ram, he comes up with many more lies.

A remake of Bollywood director Rohit Shetty`s super hit movie, Bol Bachchan, Masala is almost same as the original - logic less plot with some good funny lines. Much of the comedy is derived from Venkatesh`s character that speaks `English better than British`.

Apart from Venkatesh and Kovai Sarala`s characterization there is Jayaprakash Reddy who gives enough doses of comedy. As said earlier, the film virtually has beaten to death plot and meanders through illogical lanes to the end. And it almost treads the same path of last year`s hit movie Manchu Vishnu starrer Denikaina Ready too.

Expecting some sensible writing, a good plotline, less gaudy taking is too much to ask from these kinds of movies. It is an absurd comedy and should be seen in that manner. It seems silly but it also works intermittently.

Major drawback of the movie other than the silly plot, is that it is too lengthy and drags on. Added to that, music is not pleasant.

Venkatesh`s comic timing is a major plus point to the movie. His English speaking skills are total fun. Ram plays two shades of characters as Ram and Rahman. He has done neat job. He has pulled off the gay character with ease. Both the heroines - Anjali and Shazahn - have not much to do. Kovai Sarala, Ali, Jayaprakash Reddy steal the show. Posani Krishna Murali is his usual self.

Dialogues by Anil Ravipudi are okay. Andrew surprisingly has come up with below his mark visuals in this film. Except the catchy `Meenakshi` song, Thaman disappoints with the music. The pace of the film is uneven, and also it needs some sharp scissors by the editor. Better production values would have made a lot difference to the overall appeal to the movie.

As a director and screenplay writer, Vijaya Bhaskar has stuck to the original movie.

If you like Rohit Shetty movies that hinge on comedy not caring about anything, you may like this too. If you don`t like them at all, then Masala is not `your cup of brandy`. Definitely, Masala offers some genuine laughs but they are very few and far. This `masala` lacks the right ingredients.

Rating: 2.75/5

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