'Masss' will be Suriya’s biggest release

Source :SIFY
Author :Moviebuzz
Last Updated: Thu, May 28th, 2015, 16:47:19hrs
'Masss' will be Suriya’s biggest release
Suriya's Studio Green produced Massu Engira Maasilamani is all set to release worldwide on May 29. KE Gnanavelraja, the producer of the film tells us that they are planning to release it in 1850-1900 screens worldwide.

Gnanavelraja said: “Maasu Engira Maasilamani will be the biggest release in Suriya’s career. In Tamil Nadu, Studio Green is releasing the film in nearly 425 screens, which is huge and getting best of screens and prime time in multiplexes.”

Interestingly, the screen count in Andhra Pradesh (AP) / Telengana (TG) for Masss is more than Tamil Nadu. Masss will be releasing in around 570 screens in AP/TG. The film will also release in 142 screens in Kerala, 100 screens in Karnataka and 140 screens in rest of India.

In south India Studio Green is planning to release it at the same time on Friday morning at 8.01 am. Earlier it was announced that there will be special shows at 5 am in Kerala, which now has been pushed to 8.01 am.

Masss will be releasing in 670 screens in overseas and all together, the makers are planning to release the film in nearly 1850-1900 screens across the globe.