Master mind

Master mind

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Saturday 14 March 2015

Movie Title

Master mind


Kumar Govind

Star Cast

Raj Vardhan, Kumar Govind, Bullet Prakash, Tamanna Pasha, Bhakti

The film comes with a subtitle Game of Death and after watching the movie, one might feel as dead as the movie's plot! All thanks to baseless storyline, bad screenplay, pathetic acting skills of actors, last but not the least, Kumar Govind!

When Kumar announced the movie, and that too a remake close to that of a familiar Korean Drama, the entire industry was looking forward for the same as he has an experience of working with majority of numero uno directors and actors of that era. But looking at Mastermind one is sure to ask if Kumar Govind is out of his mind!

A typical cool lover boy, whose name is obviously Raj (Raj Vardhan), an architect by profession, marries the love of his life and goes to Bangkok. Immediately after dancing for a not-so-romantic duet on the beach, his wife is kidnapped and when he is on a look out for her, he too is captivated and is locked in a room for three long years! 

He is fed fried cutlets for three years (a direct adaptation from Old Boy and the maker has failed to relate this in the later part of the film); and is later released. Now, his only mission is to find the man who captivated him and kill him. 

While he is on the mission, he meets a cab driver Seema (Tammannah Pasha), almost every time either she bumps into him or he bumps into her, which is so irrelevant! Will he find out who captivated him is the crux of the story, which is as bad as the entire film!

Tammannah Pasha is irrelevant in the movie and her dubbing reminds one of Pooja Gandhi's Kannada! Raj can neither act nor dance or even deliver a dialogue in the way it is meant to be! Kumar Govind has failed as a director or in fact as a film maker as he is unable to judge what today's audience want. 

M Fazil seems to have scored the film for the heck of it, nothing special about it. Unfortunately there is not even a single element that can draw audience to theatres!
The movie is a total waste of time and can be avoided even if it is played on TV, in near future! 

Verdict: Poor

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