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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Sunday 01 April 2012

Movie Title



Johnny Antony

Star Cast

Prithviraj, Sasikumar, Piaa Bajpai, Ananya

Director Johnny Antony?s Masters has been packaged as a taut investigative thriller, where a cop tries to find the link to a couple of murders. Though the narrative style is rather outdated, the film has its moments. Even then things start looking silly once you begin searching for logic in the storyline.

Cop Sreeramakrishnan (Prithviraj), a firebrand IPS officer, and journalist Milan Paul (Sasikumar) share a close friendship, right from their college days. The film begins when an infamous womanizer, played by Vijayaraghavan, gets killed by a young engineering student named Daksha (Piaa Bajpai).

Sreeramakrishnan is assigned to investigate the crime and he is finding the going tough initially as Daksha had sets her own car ablaze, after killing her target. Now more killings follow and after a while, the cops find a startling pattern to all these mishaps.

It is virtually impossible to explain the flaws of the film without disclosing some of the suspense elements and we leave you to figure out it all. The ?trendy pattern? used for the killing is the key to film?s storyline and in all fairness, it is pretty interesting as well, but ends up as a rather unconvincing one.

The cops never really use their brain to solve the mysteries and it is more of brawn that is made to use here, instead of brain. And sadly, that is the main problem with the film as well. The whole focus is on Prithviraj?s heroism and that takes away the focus from the actual investigation.

Still, director Johnny Antony has managed to make the film in a pace that never lets the viewer think too much. Rewind the story once again after coming out of the theatres and you will start realizing the weak links.

Scenarist Jinu Abraham, who makes his debut with the film, shows promise but only in parts. Madhu Neelakantan?s visuals are mostly good and Gopi Sundar?s tunes are rather ordinary.

Prithviraj looks impressive but there is nothing much about him that we haven?t seen before. Sasikumar looks totally out of place and the poor dubbing take things from bad to worse. Piaa Bajpai, who shot into fame with the Tamil film Ko has been wasted in a rather inconsequential role. In fact, most of the characters in the film have nothing much to do. Biju Menon, even in his brief role, looks good.

Masters (will someone responsible please explain the relevance of the title?) is not entirely bad and it is modeled on the kind of films, which were popular some two decades back. But then it can at be a watchable fare especially in the first half. But the second half and the climax disappoints big time.

Verdict: Average

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