Mathai Kuzhappakkaranalla

Mathai Kuzhappakkaranalla



Critic's Rating: 3/5

Monday 01 December 2014

Movie Title

Mathai Kuzhappakkaranalla


Akku Akbar

Star Cast

Jayasurya, Mukesh, Bhama

Director Akku Akbar has been providing solutions to couples and also to the society in general on various issues, especially on marriage, with films like ?Veruthe Alla Bharya? and ?Bharya Athra Pora?. He continues the same in ?Mathai Kuzhappakkaranalla?.

Mathai (Jayasurya) is an auto driver, who likes to get involved in somebody else?s affairs, for no particular reason. One day he meets Dr. Nandagopan (Mukesh), whom he has helped in a small way, long back. The doctor takes him to his house and Mathai learns that the doc is having issues with his wife Geetha (Lakshmi Gopalaswami).

Now the story is mainly limited to two houses, connected by a land phone. Mathai?s fianc?e Annamma (Bhama) too reaches the doctor?s home. The film is mainly about the differences between the doctor and his wife. The causes for the rift are trifle and the attitude of Geetha?s mother and her sister?s effeminate husband (played by Sreejith Ravi) add fuel to the fire.

You would want virtually anyone to lecture on everything from harthals, the inefficient administrators to family values and on the need to care for your spouse? Well, you may be able to sit through such a session, if it is entertaining. But this one will give you a migraine, nothing less.

With a screenplay that is not even worth the cost of the paper that has been used to jot it down, Akku Akbar has made one of the most irritating movies during recent times.

Whenever he has to play a commoner, Jayasurya uses some trademark mannerisms and here, he adds the Thrissur accent as well. He, along with the rest of the cast, gives the viewers a tough time if we attempt to pick the worst performance among them all.

?Mathai Kuzhappakkaranalla? is an amateurish movie that tests your patience. Even an episode of ?Krishi Darshan? will prove more engaging than this inane misadventure! Better to give this one a miss.

Verdict: Torture

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