Mathil Mele Poonai

Mathil Mele Poonai


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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 08 March 2013

Movie Title

Mathil Mele Poonai


Bharani Jayapal

Star Cast

Vijay Vasanth, Karthik, Vibha,

Don?t get carried away by the cute title, as Mathil Mel Poonai is a meant strictly for viewers who aren?t turned off by hard-core violence and gore.

It is a relentlessly violent vendetta saga from director Bharani Jayapal that threatens to reduce the film to a string of killings in search of a plot. The director clearly seems to enjoy shocking his audience, as violence and death are written into the DNA of the characters.

Five kids in their innocence and lack of proper guidance neither at home nor school gets into all sorts of petty pranks and crimes. Johnny, the aggressive of the lot is jealous of friend Sriram who is not only good at studies but has a soft-corner for the pretty looking Divya who is in the same class.

But their life takes a U-turn when they beat up Sriram and burns his body not releasing that he was alive!! They are send to Juvenile jail and what follows is more torture and pain for the young ones.

Cut to present- The four boys are now revenge seeking hard-core criminals whose target is Divya, who they feel was responsible for all their miseries in life!!! Divya who is happily married to Karthik (Vijay) comes back to the village and the couple is abducted and tortured in a forest.

The motives behind much of the action and killings in the film are not justified and the degree of violence itself is likely to turn off even the brave-hearts. An average performance from most of the cast leaves the film relying on its hero who has very little screen-space. But sadly Vijay Vasanth doesn?t have the screen presence nor looks to carry an action thriller on his shoulders. New girl Vibha has a very good role and she is good.

A deafening background score and lack of continuity or slick packaging, Mathil Mel Poonai falls flat.

Verdict: Stay Away

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